Automated Reminder Email


Desktop Fay  v.3.0

Virtual Assistant for Windows with Reminder, Email, and Calculator. It can remind you of events and appointments, send and receive emails, maintain address book and mailing lists. It has a simple yet handy calculator. You can talk to your virtual assistant, ...

AttendeesAlerter  v.1.4

Periodically checks your iCal calendars- Searches for meetings (events) with guests (attendees) assigned- If a meeting will occur in a few days sends a reminder email to every guest- Emails are sent using Apple's Mail ...


Advanced Email Parser Server  v.2.10

Advanced Email Parser - multifunctional and handy system for email messages processing.

Advanced Email Parser makes email processing more effective, as it enables you to parse data, process and transfer it to databases or other applications ...

Email Undelete  v.2.11

Recover email in a variety of formats! Email Undelete can undelete, recover, fix and repair broken email databases in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail, Thunderbird, and The Bat! formats in just minutes. From single messages removed ...


Prepare all your email notifications and reminders, greetings in advance and schedule requrrence their delivery. As long as your computer is online, your important business or personal messages will be sent automatically even Microsoft Outlook is closed.

OptOut Manager

OptOutManager is an email processor and autoresponder that allows you automatically process all emails you have in your POP3 mailbox sorting it as required and performing manipulation with it. OptOutManager can handle unsubscribe or subscribe requests ...

Campaign Management  v.1.0

Our Multichanel Campaign Management solution increases the efficiency of marketing campaigns with automated simple email execution. It's the straightforward way to promote your marketing resource and lead your intuitive management for acquiring and retaining ...

Holiday Rentals Desk  v.1.3.1

Automated routine email communication with the renters.
2. Maintaining an easy-to understand bookings calendar showing enquiries, reservations, confirmed bookings, completed stays, cancellations etc.
3. Reminders for actions you need to take

AD Unlocker Pro  v.2.1.1

New in latest version: list soon-to-expire passwords and send reminder emails.

IT Support and Help-desks staff get more efficient with AD Unlocker Pro, and they can unlock accounts faster and even before end users open a support ...

PSS - Patient Scheduling Software  v.1.70.50

) -- Report / Data Center for printing reports, user designed form letters and mailing -- Create patient alerts for follow-up -- Better record keeping for all patient appointments and can be used to help in the billing process -- Maintain a log of all patient notes or discussions -- Fully integrated with Tele-Reminders automated appointment reminder ...

AMC Reporter Gold  v.1.0

It also has subject wise ready format for letter and Email to make things easy. AMC Reporter has smart report facility, with help of you can find out every action of business and the persons involve with this business. AMC Reporter has every report printing ...

Speedo Shopper  v.3.0

Use the handy To-Do list with a reminder that displays a visual alert with sound, or optionally send you a reminder email or even email your grocery list! Create errand lists and print them out to take with you. Free upgrades for life.

QChart  v.6.0

- In Appointment, you can see the appointment schedule daily, weekly, and monthly according to each Practitioner and appointment reminder email will be sent to the patients automatically.

- Updated with new CPT Code and new 2010 ...

FReminder  v.1.0

As soon a file is older than an allowed threshold value the program sends a reminder email to the specified recipient.

Boachsoft SmartManager  v.2010.3.1

Send overdue rental reminder email, account status emails, birthday offer emails as well as your custom emails right from this client.
* With our database system maximum database size is only limited by system resources. You don't have to worry about ...

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