Automate Unzip Process


MacroRunner for Excel

MacroRunner is a powerful Excel add-in that enables users to easily automate the process of running Excel macros. MacroRunner provides two methods for automation. One method involves the addition of a user defined function called RunMacro which can be ...

TrafficEnginer Standard

Automate the process of submitting your website to over 10,000 search engines, directories and link pages in minutes. The program includes the ability to promote multiple websites or pages simultaneously, link popularity checker, keyword density analyzer, ...


Advanced Duplicates Finder

Advanced Duplicates Finder is a compact application specifically designed to automate the process of searching, identifying and deleting duplicate and void files scatted across your hard drive or any other media, RAR and ZIP archives being no exception.

Flash Console Wrapper

And if you need to automate conversion process from another application or *.bat file you can`t use this application. But using Flash Console Wrapper you can!

Disk Doctors File Shredder

Disk Doctors File Shredder helps you to shred files and folders from your Windows drive, it shreds the deleted data
leaving no traces of sensitive critical data and it can automate the process. File Shredder is an advanced file
shredding application, ...

Photo Scenery Maker  v.1. 2. 2004

You can automate installation process of your scenery using this tool. Scenery creation tool suite for Microsoft Flight Simulator, includes Photo Scenery Maker & Viewer.

AKS Text Replacer  v.

AKS Text Replacer is a powerful software tool designed to automate the process of search and replace, making it easy and controllable. AKS Text Replacer will provide full control over search and replace process. It will allow defining various search conditions ...

Gmail Download Multiple Emails To Text  v.7.0

This software is useful if you need to download emails to your local disk this software will automate the process. Simply enter your login information, choose input and output folders and click to compute. You choose specifically which files to target ...

Block Attribute Modifier  v.

With Block Attribute Modifier (BAM) you can easily automate the process of modifying block attribute values in AutoCAD drawing files. Use BAM to delete attributes, clear attribute values, replace attribute values, and find and replace attribute values.

G.Creator  v.2

Creator will automate the process of creating Gmail accounts. Filling up Gmail signup forms manually will be very tedious if you need to do it often. Manual process also takes lot of time. With G.Creator you can create a single or multiple accounts without ...

Letter Star  v.1. 6. 2000

Write letters and focus on content while layout, formatting and default text are determined by d stationery with PDF letter heads! Save time and automate the process of filling in the receiver's address and set personalized greetings!

- High ...

Oracle SafetyNet  v.1 1

A free program that allows small and medium sized shops running Oracle on Windows based servers to automate the process of regularly backing up and exporting data from their database to external files. These files can then be backed up and stored on other ...

Gmail Account Creator  v.1.0

It will automate the process of creating Gmail accounts.

Feature list:
* Setup Auto-Responder automatically
* Setup Forwarding automatically
* Use random or custom names
* Enable POP3 automatically ...

BoogiePOP Enterprise  v.4.2

BoogiePOP Enterprise allows you to fully automate the process of handling email bounce messages. It runs as a local POP3 service and can be configured to retrieve messages from several POP accounts. BoogiePOP scans the configured POP accounts and automatically ...

BingPaper  v.1.0.0 RC1

You can set this up as a scheduled task to totally automate the process. The software is written in C# using WPF.Requirements:
* .NET Framework ...

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