Auto Clear Cookies


Auto Clear Cookies

Auto Clear Cookies, a powerful cookies cleaner, enables you to wipe cookies from a single website or domain name, or purge all browser cookies from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It also allows you to un-ban yourself on many websites and "reset" ...

Free Clear Cookies  v.

Free Clear Cookies provides you a FREE solution to easily clear all cookies from Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox, which prevents websites from monitoring your reading interests and spying upon you, or helps you get unbanned from restricted forums ...


Clear Cookies Easy  v.

Clear Cookies Easy could purge all your browser cookies easily and completely from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This software can also just remove unwanted cookies from a single website or domain name.It is a easy to use product that will make ...

Auto Clear  v.1.0

Auto Clear can help you delete your Internet Explorer history, temporary Internet files, cookies, or typed URLs, protecting your privacy and cleaning your computer. It also cleans the Windows Recycle Bin, the Recently Opened Documents list, and usage ...

Auto Clear History  v.

Auto Clear History is an effective computer evidence and web history cleaning tool. It could quickly clean all history of your web browsing and computer use permanently. Many programs and web browsers log data of which programs you run, which videos you ...

Real Clear Cookies

Real Clear Cookies allows you to clear all browser cookies from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, or wipe cookies from a single website or domain name. You will get unbanned from the website or forum which has banned you or is monitoring your online ...

Clipboard Auto Clear  v.1.01.22

Worried about spy ware reading your clipboard? Want to free up the huge resources that some clips consume? Clipboard Auto-Clear is the set it and forget it utility which will clear your Windows clipboard whenever it is not in use.

Worried about ...

Auto Clear Recent Documents History  v.1.0

Automatically clear the list of recent documents history at specified intervals.

You can choose clearing interval.

You can enabled and disable the clear documents history procedure.

This application sits in the system tray at ...

Secret Surfer Pro  v.3.67

It can also clear browser files, clear browser history, clear cookies, empty the Recycle Bin, clear auto-complete forms, and scrub deleted files. A pop-up blocker is also included.

Anvi Browser Repair Tool  v.2.0

With One-Click Solution, Anvi Browser Repair Tool can help users easily clear browser history and download history, caches, cookies, repair browser home page and search engine modified by malwares, fix registry errors, networking settings and many other ...

Protection Toolbar

This feature will enable you to clear cookies, cache, IE history, system temp files, auto fill, address bar, ... This is intended to protect your privacy after browsing the web. Text Translation: With this feature you will be able to translate web pages, ...

IP Anonymizer  v.3 3

You can:
- browse anonymously, check mails, participate in newsgroups using proxies form different countries at your choice
- interact with websites anonymously: using proxies that allow you to post messages, game, cast votes, post on forum, use IP - based trials
IP Privacy provides a good online privacy protection by cleaning all online traces that may harm or use inadvertently information on your computer:
- Clear Internet History

System TuneUp  v.

An auto-start manager can remove all unwanted programs that slow down your PC at Windows startup. Now you don't need to remember difficult command names to control your Windows start up. The most useful feature of this tool is its one click ...

ID_Bank  v.1.35.10

· Clipboard auto clear when idle
· Highlight password expiration dates.
· Preview and print reports of your data
· Optional system tray icon.
· And many other features.

Easy Internet Log Cleaner

Internet Log Cleaner completely and permanently remove all traces of internet activity. With Easy Internet Log Cleaner you get absolute privacy and just a few clicks is enough.

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