Attachmate Reflection Handbook


Project Risk Management Handbook

The Project Risk Management Handbook learns you how to accomplish this in your project and organization. You learn 12 smart methods to detect risks, the 3 basic responses to deal with risks and opportunities, the best methods to analyze risks and how ...

I-Handbook  v.

i-Handbook is an electronic version of the Field Data Handbook.

The Field Data Handbook is a practical handbook made by Schlumberger oil company, about well completion, well service, cementing, acid oil brine and so on.



Easy Reflection  v.3.2.1

Easy Reflection is in a professional production photos reflection effects software, through Easy Reflection can be quickly and easily produce professional level photos reflection effects.

Key Features

Support with transparent channel ...

Army Weapon Systems Handbook  v.1.0

The Army Weapon Systems Handbook highlights the weapon systems that are in development and fielded by the U.S. Army. This app is based on the content contained in the 2012 U.S. Army Weapon Systems Handbook prepared by ASA(ALT).

Spring River Reflection Stream  v.1.1

Full of life and vital pulsating energy spring river reflection stream. The water is flowing slowly somewhere to the distance, making your thoughts follow it. It is calming and gifts wonderful premonition of something new, something unknown.
The ...

Reflection  v.14.0.5935

Main features:
* Easy to use;
* AS3 Class;
* Only 1kb!

Advanced configuration:
* alpha;
* length;
* distance from the refleced object;
* blur;
* blurred/clean reflection borders;
* updateFrequency ...

Reflection Preloader  v.1

Actionscripted (AS2 and AS3) percent preloader with reflection. You just need to write moveclip name to preload.

Lake Mountain Reflection Screensaver  v.1.0

Enjoy of this fantastic and realistic Lake Mountain Reflection Screensaver, enjoy the sound of the birds and movement of the water. This screensaver is special to relax at any time.

*** High Quality Image.
*** Realistic water movement ...

Reflection and Refraction between Taut Strings Model  v.1.0

Reflection and Refraction between Taut Strings model displays the motion of a traveling pulse on a string when it is incident on a change of string density. The type of initial pulse type can be changed via slider and the width, amplitude, and speed ...

Cigar Handbook  v.

The Cigar HandBook app is the one app that is a must have for all cigar lovers. Wether you are a just getting into cigars or and connoisseur of cigars, you will appreciate the Cigar HandBook app. The cigar handbook has following subject features:


Insurance Handbook  v.

This app is your insurance handbook and acts as a guide for your insurance investments.
Gives you the idea about the types of insurance available and also throws light on the grievances forum.

Project Mgt Handbook  v.

The Project Management Handbook is the ultimate tool for learning the basic principles of project management.

The application will be continuously improved by user feedback.

The handbook contains the following areas of project management:

Civil Engineer's Handbook  v.

This handbook contains many of the more useful formulas used in the industry and will contain many more useful features in the future.

(Note: This application is a work in progress and is regularly updated to include the most up to date information ...

De-Vn Handbook  v.

This valuable German-Vietnamese handbook provides users interested in German as well as Vietnamese a helpful language searching tool for learning, working and traveling purposes.

Summary about this handbook:
- 4 big topics: Traffic, Healthcare, ...

OPTICS 2 : Reflection, refraction, rainbows, mirrors, prisms, lenses... Microscopes, telescopes, in  v.1.02.000

This follow-up allows us to prove the laws of reflection and refraction, in particular the Snell-Descartes Law. After studying the images formed by a plane mirror, we move on to the study of refraction, in particular the study of plane diopter, spherical ...

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