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At a Winter's Fire  v.

At a Winter's Fire by Bernard Edward Capes is a collection of stories to while away the long winter evenings.

Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do NOT need a data connection to read it.

This is a full-length, ...

Doctors Calls for a Year with Excel

As you assign daily calls, the program displays statistics regarding the number of each type call that has been assigned to each doctor so you know at a glance who is due for a specific call assignment. It creates a vCalendar file to transfer schedules ...


Find A McDonald's (USA)  v.

With this app, you can find nearest McDonald's restaurant from your current location or any valid zip code within the USA at a glance. The app provides you with a variety of search filter option such as restaurants with the following amenities
Wi-Fi ...

FIFA World Cup 2006 Manager  v.4 4

With the FIFA World Cup 2006 Manager the results and the progress of the world championships 2006 in Germany can be organized at a glance.
Running this program on your computer you will be able to update matchresults through your internet connection.

TrayDay  v.7.10

You can therefore see the date at a glance - often quicker and easier than resting your mouse over the clock, searching for an "Insert Date" menu, or having to reach for your diary. Move the mouse over the icon and the day of the week will appear; you ...


See at a glance which files are checked out, which files have changed since check out, who most recently changed a file, etc. Directory recursion allows you to see this for a single directory, or for an entire project. Perform common operations like ...

Key Control

At a glance you will know which employees have been assigned assets.

Generate reports, document when items have been returned.

Product Highlights:

Keep track of all the items you give your employees (credit cards, ...


AuctionTimeWatch helps you to manage your online auctions (eBay and others) easily and effectively: watch auctions status at a glance in one convenient list, no need to open browser over and over - all auction information is retrieved automatically and ...


It provides a competently organized set of implements, which allow you to create drawings and diagrams that will help you to understand complex data or convey the idea at a glance. The ability to create data-connected diagrams with high-quality graphics ...

Template Phrases for Microsoft Outlook  v.2.2

The Template Phrases pane is built into the right part of the message window letting you see all your phrases at a glance organized in a multi-level tree structure.

The add-in provides you a number of advanced features to streamline your email ...

WLan Watcher

You see if an unathorized computer enters your WLan or network at a glance and you get an instant message if an unknown computer tries to connect. So you can react and take actions right away. You can mark computer as known or friendly thus you can be ...

Ariolic Disk Scanner  v.1.41

Ariolic Disk Scanner makes a raw sector read check of the hard drive and shows the result as a picture of your disk, where the good and bad clusters marked, so you can see the status of your disk at a glance.
Red blocks mean the disk clusters with ...

Seavus DropMind

Seavus DropMind is platform friendly mind mapping solution for at-a-glance representation of ideas or plans in a simple fusion of words and pictures by using imagination in creative mind maps.


It provides the traditional 'scrolling ticker', as well as a new 'Portfolio View' window which lets you see the performance of all the stocks in your portfolio at a glance. It includes 9 different exchanges, an easily customizable display, automatic ...

Antamedia Point Of Sale  v.1.0.4

Antamedia Point of Sale software will save you valuable time on key business tasks, cut costs with efficient inventory and customer tracking and show complete business performance at a glance. Easy-to-use point of sale and inventory control system help ...

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