Associated General Contractors


Equipment Manager  v.5 5

Powerful new grid sorting/group, Program login security, Save photo with equipment info, Document storage (original invoices & services records) and many more enhancements
Software for construction professionals ( General Contractors, Trade Contractors, ...

Beam Analysis Tool  v.2.0

It is specifically designed for use by structural, mechanical, and civil engineers; architectural designers; designer/builders; general contractors; municipal planning departments; and students.


Coupon Book  v.20 3

Coupon Book is a system for printing payment coupons. Coupon Book provides a form for entering client information and payment details, and a Pay To/Payment Information form for entering the person or company to make payment to. Registration benefits include ...

BidScreen XL  v.

Sample estimating Excel template files for general contractors, concrete, roofing, painting and other subtrades are also included. BidScreen XL is simple, efficient and no additional hardware is needed. So, go electronic and make your takeoffs easy.

Asset Tracking System  v.

Asset Tracking System is designed to keep track of what you have, who has it, and where it is. To get started, enter client information in the client editor, site information in the site editor, and equipment information in the inventory editor. Then ...

Builders Estimator  v.

Take control of your construction project. Builders Estimator fulfill the need for a Bid Management and Job Cost Management program application that is inexpensive, can be learned quickly, and have the features to put together complete and accurate bids ...

General Contractor in Massachusetts  v.1.0

Based in Milford, MA, Unite Contractors provides professional, reliable and high quality service at a truly competitive rate for all domestic, commercial and industrial properties and businesses. With over 20+ years of experience we are sure we can assist, ...

BS1 General Ledger  v.2015.1

BS1 General Ledger tracks budget and actual financial data to produce financial statements such as an Income Statement and Balance Sheet, the Trial Balance report, and General Ledger (detail) report.

Features include:

- User-defined ...

Cleantouch General Distribution System  v.1.0

News Alert! All business of distribution will now have complete control over finance & inventory using Cleantouch General Distribution System - Professional Edition. User can track records of pending orders, physical stock, stock at salesman, stock at ...

Cleantouch General Production System  v.1.0

After keeping study of various Production Units, working here in Pakistan, experts of Cleantouch designed Cleantouch General Production System to fulfill the needs of the units in simple manners. The software force users of software to realize that before ...

General File Splitter

General File Splitter splits a large file into smaller size files and creates self-joining exe file. The software supports any types of files. A huge file (up to 8 EB = 8589934592 GB) is supported. General File Splitter allows user to split the first ...

General Principles of Video Game Design

Learn the general principles of video game design in this eBook. These principles can be applied to all platforms. Find out about the basic ground rules of game design that you should know.

The sections available in this eBook are:
-Plan ...

InTrek Premium General

InTrek Premium General is an essential tool for any business trying to
manage asset, location and contact information on a limited budget. InTrek is
designed to allow the user to enter/store location information, contact and
asset information ...

InTrek Lite General

Utilizing barcode technology, InTrek Lite General gives businesses a powerful and inexpensive solution for tracking
the quantity, description, location and history of assets. In addition, it allows you to manage location and location
contact ...

Small Business Office Ultra General

Sapientech Small Business Office Ultra General combines the two most popular software packages offered by
Sapientech into one package. With CyQuest manage clients, contact, documents, notes, images and resources.
Also create databases and forms ...

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