Ascii Graphics Library


WMGL (Windows Mobile Graphics Library)

WMGL is the Graphic Library developed for Windows Mobile (Windows Phone) devices. It provides easy-to-use interfaces for fast alpha blending and various 3D effects. You can use it from your C++ or .NET C# project. Various "3D" Effects (Rotate, Page, Slide), ...

ASCII Art Maker  v.1.71

Program for creation ASCII graphics from images and text.


- create ascii graphics from photos, images
- save as HTML, TXT, RTF, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG
- ascii editor (draw and save your ascii images)
- change ...


Blackspirit Graphics  v.2.0.1

A hardware accelerated Java 2D graphics library designed for cross-platform games, providing a powerful but simple interface. It focuses on real-time applications but can also be integrated into graphical user interfaces. The implementation uses JOGL ...

Fial3d  v.0.01

This is a console based 3D 4-in-a-line game made with ascii graphics. It aims to be portable to all kind of unix systems and to microsoft windows. Its writen in C and uses standard library rutines mostly. Its for local playing now, but networking will ...


0 is a 100% original sprite/graphics library containing 2,000 sprites and animation sequences for use in game programming, Java, shockwave, multimedia authoring and hundreds of other uses.

Chart3D  v.

The program uses the 3D graphics library to display data in the 3D chart.

Main Features

- Easy import of data from the TXT file.
- Fast 3D graphics.
- Colored scale.
- All properties of the chart can be edited.

VeCAD DLL/OCX  v.6.0

VeCAD is a 3D vector graphics library. It serves as a foundation for your own customized drawing applications (CAD/GIS). The library is furnished in two discreet formats; as a run-time Windows 32 bit DLL; and, as an OCX (ActiveX control). Both are included.

Channel3  v.

Flash 3D graphics library written in ActionScript3.0. This project aims to provide high performance and user friendly interface to manipulate 3D objects with fully extendibility.

GlElite  v.1.3

Teddy is general graphics library and space-roleplaying game framework.

Graphics32  v.1581

Graphics32 is a graphics library for Delphi and Kylix/CLX. Optimized for 32-bit pixel formats, it provides fast operations with pixels and graphic primitives. In most cases Graphics32 considerably outperforms the standard TBitmap/TCanvas methods.

Nfje  v.0.0.2

NFJE is a 3D graphics library in java suitable to build applets for JDK1.1 compliant browsers as well as OpenGL graphics (through GL4Java). NFJE provides a level of abstraction so that the "business logic" is totally independent of the renderer used.

Perl Defense Blaster  v.0.1.0

Ascii graphics, arcade stylish game written in perl. Guide your missile blaster to destroy theincoming enemy attack units.

Rexx/gd  v.2

Rexx/gd is a Rexx interface to the gd graphics library. This interface allows a Rexxprogrammer to create and manipulate graphics images.

SpiderGL  v.

SpiderGL is a JavaScript 3D Graphics library which relies on WebGL for realtime rendering.

MakeHuman  v.0.9

MakeHuman is an open-source, open graphics library, stand-alone, multi-platform, software program, which is completely written in C++ language. Its purpose is to provide a **versatile**, **professional** and extremely **specialized** application for **parametrical** ...

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