Arm Screen Touch


Touch Drums  v.1.4

Play drums and other instruments on a touch screen. Touch Drums enable you to play sounds on a touch screen. Think of the fun you can have with this application. It also features a mouse mode, so you can play the sounds with the aid of your mouse. It ...

Taser  v.

Pick a color and press start, on the taser screen touch anywhere to activate the taser. It's that simple!

* Disclaimer, this is not a real safety device. *

Version 1.3

Release Notes
- Minor improvements
- Changed animated ...


Ballistica  v.

Ballistica is optimized for the small screen, touch and Windows Phone navigation. It is designed to be a fast, friendly app, particularly for field use and lightning quick firing solutions.

The trial version will only save current ballistics ...

Album Shower  v.

Fifty of your albums are displayed sliding smoothly across the screen. Touch one of them and it starts playing. Tip the phone to move them around and watch as their shadows change to match.

9X Media Multi-Screen Manager  v.2. 7. 2001

9X Media's Multi-Screen Manager Software utility designed to make multiple monitor computing even easier. It intuitively increases productivity and seamlessly enables the greater potential of multiple monitor computing.

Veteran users of multiple ...

FriedEgg Touch  v.1.1.1

friedEgg Touch is a fun, easy to use, data analysis tool that lets users explore and filter data imported from simple tables in 3D charts.Adjust the scale of each chart dimension, to group data within the bars and then drag filters across the chart to ...

Nuevo TouchPOS  v.6.9.106

Touch Screen enabled cash register software. Turns your PC in to an instant point of sale tool. Suitable for use with touch screens or a mouse and with or without a pop cash draw. Originally designed for use in two busy pubs, fast operation and easy-to-understand ...

StarDrive  v.1.4

StarDrive runs full screen on a Mac installed in your vehicle. This can be any Intel based Mac, although a Mac mini is the best choice for most installs. StarDrive is designed to allow for multiple potential media sources and other functions. The current ...

YASCU  v.3 3

In world record time of 9.58 seconds or less, start using Yascu in a tiny 100KB Windows XP/Vista/7 standalone executable
Yascu CE saves all screenshots automatically as JPEG images on the users desktop in a folder called YascuPix. Yascu Pro allows ...

Ciao POS  v.5 7

Ciao Point-of-Sale automates your restaurant resulting in an exceptional dining experience for your customers and greater profits for your restaurant. Ciao does this using:

- Intuitive, highly graphic menu screens that are easy to learn and ...

DotNES  v.

- Full, crystal clear sound emulation
- On-screen touch controls (in both landscape and portrait orientations)
- Skydrive integration for retrieval of your ROMs
- Automatic and manual save states
- Easy management of saved states ...

AmazeMe  v.

Controls: Current version supports on-screen touch controls located wither overlayed on the maze or at the bottom of it.

Endless hours of fun with 6 levels with 32 sizes all using your images, every generated is bound to be unique and ...

Hydro Thunder Hurricane  v.1.1

Control your speed boat with on screen touch, keyboard/mouse, Xbox Controller or tilt control on supporting devices. OCo BECOME A TOP RACER. Earn Xbox Achievements and compete for top placement on the Leaderboards.

Touch Screen Keyboard  v.8.1

Touch Screen Keyboard was developed especially for touch screen devices: touch screen monitors, stationary e-kiosks, tablets and others.

Touch Screen Keyboard has two main layouts that can be quickly switched using a special button: alphabetic ...

WPF Touch Screen Keyboard  v.

WPF Touch Screen Keyboard is a re-usable control and toolkit for anyone developing a touch screen software in WPF.As it stands the project was purpose built to be able to define keyboard layouts in code and only needed one style. I'm currently refactoring ...

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