Arithmetic Mean


ErrorCalc  v.1.0

ErrorCalc calculates arithmetic mean, absolute error, relative error of 2-10 numbers. Easy shortcut button to Windows Calculator.
You can set ErrorCalc to always stay on top of your applications so you don't have to switch windows.

Microsoft Mathematics  v.4.0 (32-Bit)

Also called arithmetic mean or average. and standard deviationA statistical measure of the amount by which a set of values differs from the arithmetical mean, equal to the square root of the mean of the differences' squares.
8. Performing operations ...


ASP Did You Mean

ASP Did You Mean - search string spellchecking. International spell check for your search box.
The component closely resembles the "Did You Mean...?" feature seen on Google and Yahoo! ASP Did You Mean is used on major public search engine as well ...

Whole Number Arithmetic  v.1.0

Whole Number Arithmetic is an educational software program to help anyone learn increasingly difficult whole number arithmetic skills. It features individual placement and pacing, tutorial help, independent practice, visual tutorial aids, and structured ...

Arithmetic Trainer  v.1.0

Training program for pre-school kids and primary school children for practicing the first rules of arithmetic with integer numbers.

Animated Arithmetic  v.1.0

The "Animated Arithmetic CD" for Windows and Win 95 teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for children from 1st through 4th grades. It provides exercises in addition and subtraction with and without regrouping. Problems can involve ...

Testing Arithmetic Knowledge  v.1.1.1

Practice your arithmetic skills with this utility. Testing Arithmetic Knowledge can train your arithmetic. This program offers support for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Mean Aerodynamic Chord  v.2.8.0

Mean Aerodynamic Chord is a simple mean aerodynamic chord calculator, a multi panel wing and locating the center of lift.

Ising Mean-Field Solution Program  v.1.0

IsingMeanFieldSolution software uses Newton's method to calculate solutions to the mean-field approximation to the equation of state of the Ising model. The software also displays the free energy as a function of the magnetization m for given values ...

Arithmetic  v.1.0

Arithmetic is a outstanding tool for teaching arithmetic. This applet helps school going children learn and practice basic arithmetic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. LCM and HCF can also be practiced. At the end of ...

Date Arithmetic Tool  v.1.0

Date arithmetic computation tool. What date is 2010-02-15 plus 165 days? Date Arithmetic Tool is a small utility that will calculate dates even years from now.Requirements:
* Java ...

Arithmetic Workout  v.2.02

Arithmetic Workout is a convenient software designed to help you learn the basics of mathematical operations. Remember your multiplication tables? ... me neither. Brush up on your multiplication, division, and factoring skills with this exciting game.

Arithmetic Questioner  v.2.0

Arithmetic Questioner is a simple software to help improve the user's mental arithmetic. When provided with the largest numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide, the software randomly generates maths questions. The software accepts whole numbers ...

Arithmetic Matrix Calculator  v.1.0.1

Arithmetic Matrix Calculator help you calculate sum of matrices, subtraction of matrices, multiply a matrix by a real number and multiplication of matrices.
Basically this program will open in your command prompt enabling you to start your calculations.

ArithmeTic-Tac-Toe  v.

Arithmetic drill (add, subtract, multiply, divide) interlaces with five games (tic-tac-toe plus four original variations). Goals and rewards are managed by parents for added incentive to achieve proficiency in this basic life skill. The games are fully ...

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