Aries Constellation Location


MB Aries Astrology

MB Free Aries Astrology gives a detailed and comprehensive report that includes the positive and negative characteristics of people born with the sun in a particular zodiac sign (Aries) according to Western Astrology. This software includes your general ...

HERE(Free Send GPS Location)  v.1.0

HERE is a free Send GPS Location Application. You can use it to find your location, then lets you send a link with that location to a friend, family member, business associate and so on. When the intended recipient receives the link, they can click on ...


Aries Color Scheme Wizard

Aries Color Scheme Wizard, a free tool for busy web developers and software engineers, allows users to quickly generate dozens of color schemes based on user selected colors, predefined html colors or an uploaded digital image.

Phone number location lookup 2011  v.11 2

Phone Number Location Lookup 2011 is a free software which helps you to determine the geographical location of any US phone number. You can enter any US phone number and the application will search and find its location. The location is neatly displayed ...

Location Wizard  v.1.1

Address mapping program Location Wizard will plot your customers on a map. Plot multiple locations on a map. Enables searching for your customers within a certain radius of a particular location with Search NearBy funcionality1. Address mapping
Make ...

Measures of Location  v.1.3

Study the measures of location with this tool. Measures of Location help you experiment with the robustness of the four common measures of location. You can shift data points an look how the calculated measures of location change.
Measures of location ...

Location tracking  v.

The application is designed to track the location of friends and family. You can also transfer your data to your family and friends who may know where you are.

You can view location of your family and friends for the last 24 hours using google ...

Send Location  v.

Send Location enables you to send a location by text or email. Automatically find your current location or search for a location and then send it. You can also save your locations for future use.

Send Location app sends a message to your recipients ...

Location Alarm  v.

Location Alarm allows you to place spots of variable sizes on a map. As soon as you enter one of your active spots, an alarm goes off. Perfect for taking a nap in public transport or just for reminding you reaching or leaving a given location.

NEW: ...

Send My Location  v.

Have you ever needed to send your location to a friend and couldn’t explain how she/he could find where you are or how to reach you?
With this simple application, you can send your location as a Windows Phone maps link in a text message, e-mail ...

Share My Location  v.

Share My Location lets you share your location with your contacts via SMS and email.

Your contact doesn't need any app installed to see your location. Just access to internet, he/she will be able to spot you.

When your contact recieves ...

Location Marker  v.

Location Marker allows you to quickly mark a spot you've discovered, without fuzz. Start the app, hit the button, give it a name. Cool locations, buildings and objects remembered forever.

Hint: Tapping the minimap on the detail screen gets you ...

Anatomy: Location Terms  v.

Learn about anatomical terms of location!

Anatomy: Location Terms is a fully-featured flash card app.

Perfect for doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical students or anyone interested in medicine!

What are you waiting for? Buy ...

Photo Location  v.

Photo Location allows you to visualise the geographical location of any photo that is stored on your phone. You can browse through your photos on the Pictures Hub, and if you are ever wondering where a particular photo was taken, simply select Photo Location ...

Text My Location  v.

update: now allows you to use email, twitter and facebook (as well as sms text messages)

Ever had trouble explaining a friend how to find your address? Ever lost your travel mates in a foreign city?

Send them your location on a map at the ...

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