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Medical Reminder  v.

Is an App reminder of prescription medications that alerts you every time that you need to take the corresponding medication or vitamin.

It can show you a record of medicines taken earlier, calculating the amount remaining dose to know how many ...

PokaSudoku  v.1.0

* two board generators: normal and easy mode (patterned-boards)
* two play modes: only one entry per box or multiple entries (reminder/note feature)
* automatic assistent: finds conflicts with existing entries or with the final solution (can ...

Advertisement Secure Reminder  v.9 3

Secure Reminder is reminder software, that offers you an easy way to organize important information dates and events. Lets you create reminders and post it notes. Reminds about important date and events using various alarm actions (repeating alarm; pop ...

OneAlert  v.

OneAlert is a lightweight and powerful reminder system with simple calendar.
Here is the three-step scenario of adding new reminder to OneAlert:

1. While working in any application press OneAlert hotkey (Win+Down by default);

Sticky Notes  v.2013.41

This program may be the ultimate version of the reminder note. Sticky Notes is the most popular desktop notes software in the world, and is the only program to offer photo-realistic 3D sticky notes. They look just like real bits of paper stuck to your ...

Jazz Fest 2012  v.

Updated for the 2012 festival, this app includes improvements from 2011: -Music and food schedules, searchable by date and stage, - Pinnable tiles, giving you quick access to the music you care about, - Festival map that can be pinned to Start screen, ...

Reinstaller  v.

- Completely broken with no immediate chance of working again
- App will be removed soon after a few more tries

Recently reset or wiped your phone? Or, do you have a new handset and want to get back the apps you loved? ...

Super Photo Free  v.

We built the most awesome collection of photo effects! No other app is even close to our collection of effects---guaranteed!

Categories include Filters, 3D, Combos, Textures, Bokeh, Frames, and Backgrounds.

There are 144 ...

Super Photo  v.

So we built the most awesome collection of photo effects! No other app is even close to our collection of effects---guaranteed!

Categories include Filters, 3D, Combos, Textures, Frames, and Backgrounds.

There are 144 effects unlocked ...

Expense Tracker  v.

Developed by Prashant Vaidyanathan

This is a cool simple App, that lets you keep track of how much you spend.
The app lets you add details of each transaction, including Expense amount, Credit amount, category of expense, Currency denomination, ...

Insoft Personal Document Organizer.  v.3.7.1277

PDO a Personal Document Organizer, provides easy to use Document Management and Storage Management capabilities to a PC user. In addition to managing electronic documents and files, such as email messages, digital photographs, office documents, links ...

Insoft Forms Filler  v.1 1

Insoft Forms Filler software lets you replace existing or new paper forms with an unlimited supply of multi-page WYSIWYG electronic forms, with data validation, computation etc., making it easier to fill and print forms quickly. Also can save data in ...

ForceBindIP  v.1.2a

Note that some applications with anti-debugger / injection techniques may not work correctly when an injected DLL is present; for the vast majority of applications though this technique should work fine.
As of version 1.2, all known functions in ...

Techscheduler Advanced  v.7.00

The following activities can be scheduled:
- Reboots
- WatchDog activities (monitor system)
- Shutdowns
- Network logouts
- File copy, delete, create & rename
- Automatic Emails to multiple recipients with file attachments
- Process Termination
- Network Resource Connection and Disconnect
- Network Resource PING
- Keystroke Emulation jobs
- "Glue-it" reminder note jobs
- ...

TicketPunch  v.

However, the automated ticketing machine of this app,
Please note and put a lot of money, because the change does not return.

You can go to the station Haijima with this app.

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