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Outsource Translation  v.

When an automatic translation is not just good enough, you may need to hire a professional translator. With this app, you can search through the profiles of thousands of professional translators, with hundreds of possible language pairs.

TransLution  v.2 4

Communication with speakers of other languages has become much easier thanks to Translution's new Computer
Assisted Translation (CAT) technology. The new software means that anyone wanting to write an email in English to
work colleagues in ...


Open Subtitle Translator  v.2.2

It provides an automatic translation done using the translation tool Google Translator. For more details take a look at project site.Requirements:
* Java ...

Novosibirsk  v.

Automatic translation of search queries to English allows to get over the language barrier and orientate easily.

- to look through the organizations by catalog;
- to search the organization by name, category and phone number;
- ...

FindRUS  v.

Automatic translation of search queries to English allows to get over the language barrier and orientate easily.

Guide to 150 cities of Russia with the interactive map using 2GIS data. The list of the cities renews automatically as soon as a ...

Word Reference  v.

When an automatic translation is just not enough, and you want to contextual translations, and idiomatic usages of a word or phraase in another language, then WordReference is for you!

Provides support for the following language pairs:

English ...

Ultralingua Bilingual Translation Dictionaries  v.5.13

About Ultralingua Bilingual Translation DictionariesProfessional grade tools for use in education, business, and industry. Dicitionaries are available for English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, and Norwegian, and each dictionary ...

Ultralingua French-Italian Translation Dictionary  v.6.0.3

3 adds vastly enhanced databases, stemming (recognition of conjugated and other inflected forms) for most languages, a special mini-mode (to take up less room on the desktop), seamless interaction with other applications, and much, much more!- 250,000+ indexed translations- Interaction with other applications- Multiple modes- Technical, literary & slang terms- Reverse translation feature, for ...

Ace Translator

Translation software for your daily multilingual needs, supports 35 languages ...

OmegaT+  v.1.0.M3.1

OmegaT+ is a computer-assisted translation tool, has many of the good features that users expect in a translation tool (translation memory, full and partial matches, glossary function, search engine, support for various document types, translation projects) ...

DWGTranslator_Lifelong  v.1.7

Perform translation software will access Microsoft, google automatic language translation service website one by one on the text for translation.

5.The system default default.dic dictionary, the user can edit this dictionary or choose other ...

LinLocalize Admin  v.1.5.2

LinLocalize for Windows is a translation tool running on Windows for easy localization of your Delphi-applications. Linlocalize extracts all embedded Delphi-resources (resource strings and forms) of a Windows-PE-file (Portable Executable: shared-object-file/dynamic-link-library ...

Personal Translator  v.

It wasn't always perfect, however, and it can be a little sluggish, sometimes taking up to twenty seconds to complete a translation (which an online site typically deals with in just a couple of seconds).

Radialix  v.2.16.00

The software includes advanced tools for translation automation, validation and simulation. To make localization possible, Radialix works by extracting any of the localizable resources in your applications. This includes everything from dialog boxes ...

Minimum Accounting  v.2.0.13

- No knowledge of bookkeeping is necessary
- Automatically creates common income and expense categories
- Customize income and expense categories, as needed
- Complete audit trail of all amounts posted
- Data entry in multiple currencies
- Automatic translation of ...

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