Antarctic Neosquid


Antarctic Racer

Funny addictive penguin slalom ski races in new free online game by
Penguin slalom ski races start. The bear-trainer launches the penguin, rule using Left and Right arrows, collect fish (this brings points), evades firs and boxes, ...

Polar Wildlife Free Screensaver  v.2.0.2

This screensaver shows you off the wildlife in the most extreme places of Earth - Arctic and Antarctic zones. Despite the long and very cold winter there many animals chose Arctic and Antarctic as their sweet homes. You will see polar bears, penguins, ...


Penny and Paul's Adventure's Demo  v.9.0.28

Join Penny the Penguin and her good friend Paul the Polar Bear on a puzzling adventure through the Antarctic. It might start as a simple fishing trip but there will be calamities to conquer and devious traps to defeat all orchestrated by the arch fiend ...

Secret Files Tunguska  v.1. 3. 2002

To find out, the two heroes travel from Berlin to the Antarctic all around the world. Nina and Max are not the only ones interested in the secrets of Nina's father. Because it is all about much more than the disappearance of a scientist.

This ...

Sun & Moon on Screen  v.1.0

This software does not display the Sun or the Moon in the arctic or antarctic regions, but does any other calculations (you'll get 'Sun/Moon up/down all day' warnings) ! You can use this product for fifteen days, then you have to stop using it, or you ...

Front Mission Evolved  v.

Each Wanzer is equipped with massive firepower as you navigate the concrete mazes of cities, and travel as far as the frozen wastes of the Antarctic in massive battles that could cause a world war.
The year is 2171, and a new cold war ...

EarthWatch  v.4 1

* Option to overlay major lat/long, Arctic and Antarctic circle, and Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn lines on the map.
* Option to highlight the locations of some 350 major cities on the map.
* An "animation" option, displaying a "time-lapse" ...

Ice Blue Antarctica  v.1.0

The 45 images contained in this screen saver include the Ross Ice Shelf, titanic icebergs, Emperor Penguins, Weddell seals, Mount Erebus, Gerlache Strait, the Antarctic Peninsula, Lemaire Channel, Marguerite Bay, Beaufort Island, Coulman Island, Neny ...

I Dig It  v.

There are six exotic locations to explore:

* Pilot the intrepid digger in the frozen wastelands of the Antarctic on the trail of a 100 year old lost expedition.
* Search for pirate treasure in the south Asian Ocean.
* Search for lost ...

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