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Advertisement Icon Extractor  v.2 75

Search, extract, save all icons of computerFind icons from your computer. Extract icon from exe, dll, icon file. Save icons to icon file. Save icon as bitmap file. Modify icon file.Search folder for icons.Freeware. ...

Icon Extractor  v.2.1543

A freeware which can find icons from your computer. It can extract icon from exe, dll, icon file. It allows you to save icons to icon file or as bitmap file.
And it allows you modify icons in icon file. It can Search folder for icons.


Iconfit - Simple Resizer  v.1.0.0

Just drag 'n drop your Images / Icons on the App Window, click the "Save Icons to Photo-Folder" Button and you will receive a iOS compatible Icon in Default resolution (57x57 px) and one in Retina resolution (114x114 px).

Cool Icons Search  v.2.0

Finds and extracts all icons on the computer into image files. Cool Icons Search helps to find icons on your computer in many types of files and saves images into icon files (*. ico ) and icon libraries files (*. icl ). Moreover, you can save the item ...

NewView Full Version  v.7. 7. 2002

animated GIF, IFF, JBIG (.JBG), JPEG (.JPG), JPEG 2000 (.JP2, .J2K), LBM, Portable Bitmap (.PBM, .PGM, .PNM, .PGM),
PCX, PNG, RAS, SUN, TIFF (.TIF), Targa (.TGA), Windows' metafiles (.WMF, .EMF), Windows' icons and
cursors (.

Altarsoft Icon Editor  v.1.0

Program for creating and editing icons.

Main Features:

- create and edit icons
- add effects
- draw lines and shapes
- import images
- save icons ...

IconBuilder for Windows  v.2.0

IconBuilder for Windows is a filter for use with Adobe Photoshop that makes creating icons a snap. By harnessing the professional power of Photoshop and Photoshop layers, IconBuilder provides icon artists with the most complete tool set possible for ...

NewView Graphics File Viewer  v.8.0

RLE), GIF, animated GIF, IFF, JBIG (.JBG), JPEG (.JPG), JPEG 2000 (.JP2, .J2K), LBM, Portable Bitmap (.PBM, .PGM, .PNM, .PGM), PCX, PNG, RAS, SUN, TIFF (.TIF), Targa (.TGA), Windows' metafiles (.WMF, .EMF), Windows' icons and cursors (.ICO, .CUR, .ANI).

LiveIcon  v.1.0.1

LiveIcon adds animated icon support to iChat AV so that your buddy icon and your buddys' buddy icons finally come alive. Features include:See AIM animated buddy icons that you've been missing all this time.See animation in your buddy list and chat windows.

IconView Pro  v.

is a handy utility to extract icons from EXE, DLL, Icon Libraries, and other executable files that contain icon resources.

The extracted icons can be saved in ICON/BMP/GIF/JPEG formats, and can also be saved in Icon Libraries (collections ...

IconXpert  v.

It allows quick browsing of dll`s or folders, you can search for new icons inside EXE or DLL files or browse your existing icon collection.IconXpert Features:
* Easy and quick browsing through your icon collections
* Can read PNG, ICO, BMP, DLL, ...

Easy Extract Icon  v.1.8.0

0 forWindows 95/98/NT is utility that easily extracts icons from executablefiles (*.exe, *.dll) and associated icons from any files. If an executable file has more than one icon, it can extract all icons that are stored in the file. User may save icons ...

Imagicon  v.1 4

Options are available to transform images and enable alpha transparency of icons. The interface window of Imagicon can be personalized with custom designs. The user can select to save icons with the following dimensions in pixels: 16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 ...

Keyboard Extensions  v.1.0.0 Build 131

Save/restore desktop icon positions, and other explorer folders
7. Notification alerts (one-off / recurrent alerts)
8. Task scheduler (one-off / recurrent tasks) Hotkeys
1. Define your own global keyboard hotkeys (shortcuts) for launching ...

627.AM  v.


- Fixed a text related bug on front live tile

- Fixed a UI rendering issue for negative temperature on 5-Day Forecast page

- Improved the performance of alarm time selectors

- Slightly increased the performance of animated weather icons

- ...

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