Animated Clock Hand


Animated Clock  v.1.0

Animated rewards "pop out" of the cuckoo clock's doors for each correct answer, and 10 correct answers are rewarded with a full-screen silly animation. There are 100 different animations to provide variety. Graphic help is given as needed to help the ...

Rocket Clock ScreenSaver  v.2.9

How far the fantasy of screensaver makers' can go? Can they use spaceships and weird planets as an adornment of your screen? Find it out with a new screensaver, featuring a spaceship attached to a magic clock hand flying around a bizarre planet.


Impossiball  v.

There are several kinds of balls, you are a bar spinning around them like a clock hand.
You can pass from one ball to another, and invert the rotation wise.
You goal is to clear all the red balls, and reach the exit. (A ball with an 'E' ...

HTC Home  v.3.0.621.0.110621-0607

HTC Home is a widget that shows nice animated clock with weather like on HTC phones. Supports different weather providers (as plugins). Nice animated clock with weather like on HTC phones.Requirements:
* .NET Framework ...

Elf Clock Live Animated Wallpaper  v.1.1

Elf Clock is a great relaxing thing for those who like magic and fairy tales. It invites a small elf fairy for a visit. You can admire this magic creature as she illuminates your desktop with a radiant magic wand and a cheerful smile. You can see blooming ...

Cute Puppy Clock  v.

It is basically a desktop clock that displays the time set in the computer in 24-hour format. The program is actually intended more as decorative item than a truly functional utility. The application stays on the desktop, showing an animated clock with ...

Dev Screen Saver  v.

Currently the app contains the following screen-savers:
- Animated Clock
Simple clock that displays the current time. In the trial version, the clock is replaced with an Ad.
- Pristine - full version only
Simple, completely empty ...

"Tower Clock" - Animated Wallpaper

"Tower Clock" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. A quiet street of a country town - this world is like a picture of the Middle Ages. Everything here is subjected to its own laws: the day comes after the night, the tower clock is ticking ...

3D Hand Clock  v.4.0

Mesmerizing 3D hand clock with extremely intense vivid color effects while it spins against the stars. This screen saver is jammed pack with features such as weather, e-mail notification, dynamic wallpaper, atomic time, motion blur, particle systems, ...

Abstract Clock Animated Wallpaper  v.1.0.0

A beautiful animated theme for your desktop features a clock showing the actual time. This animated wallpaper from doesn't require installation or additional software to run. Once downloaded, it can be set on your desktop in one ...

Clock Attractive Live Animated Wallpaper  v.1.4

Now! Attractive top clock provide unusual presentation of time which involves into interesting fascinating game in real world. Install these timepiece and you will be transferred in a pleasant atmosphere of the capacities which can be equipped with gaming ...

Furry Clock Live Animated Wallpaper  v.1.0

This wonderful clock is for all to enjoy in beauty and magic of winter. It's a Christmas must-have!

7art Crystal Clock Live Animated  v.1.0

Crystal Clock knows how to make it work for you.

When this screensaver rolls over the screen, time that goes through the magic crystal gets refracted to return to you and fill your life with wonders, happiness and beauty!
Crystal Clock ...

Mouse Clock Live Animated Wallpaper  v.1.2

Sun is smiling to the rainbow, fluffy clouds in the sky, careless bird is their neighbour and colorful butterfly. Little mouse rings a bluebell, what the time is can you tell?

Sky Flight Clock Live Animated Wallpaper  v.1.3

Time is a flight. Flight of hope, flight of imagination. When you see
that the sky is a million-shade blue, when you feel stars glistening
in your thoughts, and are not afraid of ever-changing weather. And you
just know when to fly to see ...

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