Anarchy Cook Book


The Healthy Life Cook Book  v.

This is a full-length, quality digitized book.

The Healthy Life Cook Book, by Florence Daniel, is packaged with an easy to use functional book reader which means you can down load the App and start reading.
This is a full length ...

Cook Book  v.

This app describes how to cook vegetarian and non vegetarian foods.


Krishna Cook Book  v.

"The Hare Krsna Cookbook", originally published in 1973, was the first widely distributed book of prasadam recipes.

Chinese Cook book  v.

Do you know that more than a third of the world's population eats Chinese food daily? Chinese cooking is acknowledged as one of the greatest, most flavorful cuisines of the world, and the food is often healthy and nutritious since the vitamins are retained ...

Cook Video  v.

Cook Videos or Cook Book is a collection of best cooking videos in the internet.Video list are update every day so do check for new videos. Browse different cooking videos... Features:
- Full screen videos when tilting the phone in landscape mode ...

Mobile Pantry  v.

A handy cook book with mouth watering multi cuisine recipes from around the globe.

Jam & Preserves Cookbook  v.

With almost 50 recipes, this cook book will show you how to make a wide assortment of jams, jellies and other preserves. Features include:

* Swipe through categories using the Panorma style
* Interactive recipe guides with step by step instructions ...

Cook Recipe Book

Salt and pepper are mostly not listed on a shopping list Cook Recipe Book is the recipe software which is another kind of cooking with recipes: Import digital recipes, use 18 main categories for your recipes and much more!

Cook'n Recipe Collector

The easiest way to sort your collected and new recipes: Archive printed recipes (magazines, books, ring binders), archive digital recipes (from internet, etc.), individual printing functions with own printing drafts. Define your own individual recipe ...

Resort Chef  v.1 5

If you're a student or just new to computers, then Resort Chef was made for you. This entry-level program's unique HTML based user interface makes browsing your recipe data just like surfing the 'net.

Whilst it may not have all the features ...

Resort Hotel  v.1 5

Resort Hotel was designed for hotel Executive Chefs and Food & Beverage managers.

Resort Hotel is ideal for customers who want the full range of recipe costing (for multiple sales outlets), menu engineering and function/banquet costing calculations ...

Resort Recipe  v.1 5

If you're a cooking enthusiast or student with no interest in food costing, then Resort Recipe was made for you. This entry-level program's HTML based user interface makes browsing, editing and printing your recipe data just like surfing the 'net.

Resort Bistro  v.1 5

Resort Bistro is designed for working chefs and students who need more powerful recipe costing than Resort Chef provides, but don't need all of the extra features of Resort Restaurant. Resort Bistro uses a more advanced user interface, but we've kept ...

Resort Restaurant  v.1 5

This program can help restaurant chefs and managers. The program has full recipe and menu costing, and develop banquet costing and stock management functions. Resort Restaurant is ideal for a single site, single sales outlet operation (i.e. a restaurant) ...

Flash Catalog Templates of Cool Drink  v.1.0

Don't you think it's cool for you to decorate flash catalog, food magazine or cook book? With using these beautiful and cool templates, your page flipping e-publications would be more impressive. In addition, as the name of these flash catalog templates, ...

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