Amusement Rides


Puzzle Master Amusement Park  v.

Puzzle Master Amusement Park is another expansion pack for the Puzzle Master game. It brings you 30 customized puzzles created from images of various objects and things associated with amusement parks (Ferris wheel, roller coaster, merry-go-round, etc.

CoasterBuzz  v.

Access the CoasterBuzz database from your phone! Find roller coasters, amusement and theme parks, and detailed statistics about rides from all over the world. Check out the CoasterBuzz 100, the top 100 roller coasters, updated every week.


Theme Park Builder 3D CAD  v.b20090815

Theme Park Builder 3D CAD- an ambitious community project to create a free amusement park construction game. You can build a huge park and then take a first person view and "ride the rides". Key features include user created content and expandability.

Caricature Studio

Create instant caricutures from photos! Just like caricature artists at your favorite amusement park, now you can quickly create hilarious cartoon portraits of your friends, family....even celebrities! With Caricature Studio 2.0 you can open any photo ...

Adventures of Batman & Robin

The action takes Batman to an amusement park and other places where supercriminals do their nasty work. Nintendo Power criticized the game for not giving Robin a more active role (the game was actually under development before the series was retitled).

Ride! Carnival Tycoon  v.1.0

Choose from 25 different rides, 21 different locations, 12 food and drink stands, 10 games, 4 attractions and more!
Take on the challenge of Career Mode. Turn your earnings into better rides and bigger crowds, unlocking hidden locations as you become ...

Battlefield: Pirates Beta  v.3 1

This new version has lots of bug fixes and many new maps for your amusement.Fire delay for both the StoneAxes and Throwing Knives now reduced slightly. Seems there is a problem with the netcode where the delay could end up being so long that you could ...

Crazy Chicken Pinball  v.1 1

Are you a Pinball Wizard?
How fast are your reflexes? Experience all the thrills and spills of the amusement arcade with 5 action-packed pinball tables that will push your skills to the max! This colorful, lightning-fast game is a must-have for all ...

Cat Run  v.1 1

Obviously there isn't true money, but amusement is assured!

The aim of the game is to gain as much money as possible in order to become the champion of Cat Run. There is a on-line competition for all the players of Cat Run, so, show us who ...

Bike Logs  v.1.0

If you are a cycling enthusiast, Bike Logs may end up being a really helpful application for you, since it allows you to record all the relevant details about your bike rides, no matter if you are a professional or an amateur, how frequently you ride ...

CycliStats  v.5.2.0002

Are you looking for a software that can help you in analyzing your rides and improve your cycling performance? Are you looking for a software that can tell you how much distance you travelled last week, how much distance you will cover next year and how ...

ITriTracker  v.1. 7. 2002

, runs, bike rides, swimming, aerobics, etc.) and enables you to better plan your training schedule! The customizable settings allow you to configure the data capture to meet your specific requirements. The intuitive interface helps you track your workouts ...

Arena Rodeo Tracking System  v.10 1

Find barrl races, bull ridings, rodeo and ranch rodeos, trail rides, ropings, and more.Ranch rodeo photography from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona by Nag Ranch Productions. You can download it for free from rodeoprogram!

Ye Olde Bicycle Log  v.1.0

This program is for the avid cyclist who wants to record their rides. Not only are there separate logs for road rides and off-road rides, there is also a log for your indoor trainers and even a personal log to enter your vital statistics. n addition, ...

Japanese Eye Screensaver  v.1.0

The scene shows this icon of Japan which is located in an amusement park and reminds us of the well-known London eye. The image was taken at night, so all the park lights and all the lights of nearby buildings are on, which create a spectacular view.

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