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Packed Menu  v.1.3

Packed Menu is a Firefox add-on that hides the main menu and replace it with a button. The main menu is shown when the button is clicked.his extension adds a button "M" to the menu bar. And the original main menus are hidden. When you click the "M" button ...

Alien Onslaught - THEADOS Enhanced  v.

You can control your spaceship by using the keyboard and the mouse is functional only in the main menu. Your target is to shoot as many invaders you can and also to protect yourself from destructive attacks.

Try to collect helping ...


CMSS Free  v.2 5

The Church Management Software Solutions (CMSS) Main Menu lets you easily get right to work on important Church ministries and business.

The Church Management Software Solutions has a wealth of features including:

- People--enter ...

ACESIZE  v.7.0

This is the main program window. You can use its main menu (and tool bar) to perform various operations associated with energy absorbers. The program uses a document centric approach much like other PC software. As you open or create documents they are ...

QuickSyn  v.

The main menu items are accessible from the QuickSyn Toolbar. QuickSyn supports import of well log data from ASCII files, including LAS format, and allows the user to save synthetic project files, and export generated synthetic data to ASCII files for ...

ICQ Plus  v.3 5

When installed, ICQ Plus integrates with ICQ by adding a menu item to the main menu and a button to the title bar. Choosing the new menu item brings up a dialog that lets you configure ICQ's appearance in several ways. You can apply a predefined skin ...

IValuation  v.2 7

To do this open the Tax Liability form, Members | Tax Liability from the main menu. The current Tax Period (ie. Tax Year) is shown on the form. If it is incorrect, then click on the New Tax Year button and select the correct period.

WOG Options  v.

Now you can change color of main menu!
Program for easy change of main game options.
You can easy choose language, change size of screen and color of main menu, using this program.Install this program only to folder with game! The program works ...

FRENCO Spline Calculator  v.1 2

It is very easy to enter gear parameters into the main menu. As soon as the software has been given enough information, all remaining parameters are calculated automatically. It is, for example, sufficient to enter the number of teeth, module, ...

Accessor Pro  v.2.0

Accessor Pro gives a quick access to main Windows functions, folders and documents.

What's new in Accessor Pro v.2.0:
1. New Items are added into Main Menu, such as:
- Find Files and Folders,
- Empty Recycle Bin,
- Clear Documents ...

Trojan Remover Update  v.6.8.4 Build 2606

To update, start Trojan Remover - when you get to the main screen, click on the "Update" button on the main menu bar. This will check for updates and allow you to automatically install any that are available.Should you have any problems using the integral ...

Vewr  v.0.6

Right-click to show main menu
2. Middle-click to toggle Fit
3. Hold left button to scroll image
4. Rotate mouse wheel to zoom in and out
5. Double-click to toggle fullscreenRequirements:
* Net Framework ...

ColorizedButton  v.

ColorizedButton is a Firefox addon, can change the orange main menu button into any color you want.
You can change the private browsing and the "normal" browsing color separately, both in ColorizedButtons Preference menu.
Hint: This AddOn doesnt ...

Lenta.Ru for WP7  v.

Ru portal - now you can pin top news pictures right into the main menu of your phone!
Easy share to Twitter and Facebook.

Неофициальный клиент для портала Lenta.Ru.
Теперь вы можете прикрепить ...

Foods Rich In  v.

This app will show the food items that are rich in a particular nutrient specified in the main menu.
Just tap on the nutrient name and get to know the food items that are rich in that nutrient.

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