Amac Address Change


Change MAC Address  v.1.3.2

Hide your MAC Address from hackers, your ISP, WiFi networks, online games, and more! Anyone with the right tools can track your Internet activity if they know your MAC Address. Now you can conceal your real MAC address and bypass all kinds MAC address ...

Bluetooth MAC Address Changer  v.1.2

Bluetooth MAC Address Changer for Windows modifies the Bluetooth MAC Address of your Bluetooth adapter. (Bluetooth MAC address is also known as "Bluetooth Address", "BD_ADDR", "Bluetooth hardware ID"). Supported CSR and Broadcom chip based bluetooth adapters.


MyWebServer Address Monitor  v.1.0.0

The MyWebServer Address Monitor program monitors your dynamic IP address as often as every five minutes, and updates your MyWebServer 'VDNS Redirector Page' every time your IP address is changed by your ISP. This reduces the amount of time your server ...

SMAC MAC Address Changer  v.2.0.5

SMAC is a strong, yet easy-to-use MAC Address Changer (Spoofer) for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA, and 2008 systems, regardless of whether the network card manufacturers allow this option or not. SMAC is developed by Certified Professionals (CISSP, CISA, ...

Quick Hide IP  v.1.6

Your IP address can link your internet activities directly to you, it can be used to find your name and location. So protecting your Online Identity is a must, thus Anonymous Web Surfing and the ability to hide your IP address are mandatory in order to ...

Hide The IP  v.6 5

Hide the IP is a small tool that allows you to surf the web with confidence knowing that your precious IP address won't be revealed to the sites you enter. IP hiding is particularly important when entering sites that require to have your IP address displayed ...

ProxyWay Pro anonymous surfing

You can hide/change IP address, change User-Agent, Referrer field, clean Internet history, delete cookies, Temporary Internet files, block ads, popups, manage cookies.

DigiMode Sigma

It has also IP address viewer built in with refresh interval control. It has IP address changer with control over interval of IP address change.

DDNS  v.1.0

Your Internet connection works exactly like this! Instead of having your IP ADDRESS change frequently, DNS2P lets you select a domain name that never changes! Using DNS2P, you can continue to keep your Dynamic IP and simply use our Dynamic DNS to give ...

IzyMail  v.3.0

The IzyMail gateway application is an innovative new solution to access AOL, MSN, Hotmail or Yahoo from any e-mail application or utility, allowing users to complement the conventional browser interface with alternate e-mail applications, automated rule ...

Clipboard Express  v.

Find your IP address. Change text case and fix Caps Lock Typing errors. Marvellous hotkey support. Rapid navigation with keys or mouse. Auto Run and Start-in-Tray options. Find your key information readily and quickly. Users Rave! Try it, then try and ...

QSXer  v.1. 3. 2002

- Visitors can send you e-mail through a form on your site that doesn't expose your e-mail address.
- Change the color and size of the CommCat QSXer window to match any background.
- Hide QSXer in the System Tray.

PC-Monitor  v.2 2

Automatic Snapshots Tracing
Play back the latest history snapshots
Computers Control
Remote control to configure or maintain computer
Send messages
Lock the agent computer
log out, restart or show down computer with PC-Monitor
Wake up computers which support Wake-On-Lan
Real-time Alerts
Real-time alerts when predefined rules are hit in agent computers
Events can trigger alerts include change of computer, name, ...

Network Crash Simulator  v.0.7 Build 3509 Revision 34614 Beta

In a Fixed IP Address network adapter the program changes the configuration of the network adapter to a Reserved IP address, change the default gateway to a loop back address ( and save the original configuration to the "AdapterConfig.ncs" ...

Budget+  v.

You can always remove data from your phone, export this information to your email address, change the existing categories and create your own. This app provides prognosis about your possible expenses in next month and other cool stuff. Use it for free ...

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