Alpha And Omega


WMark  v.1.3

You can set color, font, alpha and position of watermark.

SubViewer  v.4.0.5

0, Sub Station Alpha and others...
SubViewer is totally free...


Console  v.2.00 Build 147 Beta

Console features include: multiple tabs, text editor-like text selection, different background types, alpha and color-key transparency, configurable font, different window styles.Console Features:
1. multiple tabs
2. text editor-like text selection

Tap Tap Bubble Deluxe  v.

A Message To Our Fans:
*If you buy this game, you can get our next game ALPHA and get your name in the final game.

Tap Tap Bubble is a highly addictive. It’s perfect for everyone who loves to pop plastic bubble packaging or wants ...

Ejabberd for Mac OS X 3.0.0 Alpha  v.1

his first alpha includes three major changes compared to ejabberd 2.1.5: exmpp library is used, gen_storage for a database abstraction layer, and Massive Hosting which isn't yet usable. Many tables have changed both in Mnesia and MySQL/PgSQL/ODBC. Fortunately, ...

Full Spectrum Warrior  v.

As Squad Leader, take command and coordinate the actions of two infantry squads (Alpha and Bravo), leading them through a hostile urban warzone. An intuitive control scheme allows you to control up to eight soldiers in real-time as you outthink, ...

PC Watch Replica  v.1 6

PC watch replica copies the chronographs like Breitling Navitimer, Rolex Daytona and Omega Speedmaster. On any other fake watch the chronograph often doesn?t work or is made using quartz. No genuine chronographs use quartz. Our PC utility avoids this ...

Console Portable  v.2.00 Build 148

alpha and color-key transparency
5. configurable font
6. different window styles ...

Sushi Master  v.

Mainly because of the nature of the ingredient of sushi for calorie conscious people;

Low in calorie, high in vitamins and minerals and good cholesterol and Omega 3 fat

This program describes each sushi item with pictures so that ...

Build Rapport  v.

It starts off at a high level, just above 'alpha', and slowly descends to the lower end of 'alpha' over 5 minutes, designed to calm you.

It is then kept constant at this lower end of 'alpha' for 10 minutes; during that period, the affirmations ...

JMARS  v.1.25

JMARS provides access to many Mars data products: image footprints and rasters from the THEMIS, MOC, CTX, HiRISE, CRISM, Viking Imaging System, HRSC, and OMEGA instruments; mosaics from THEMIS, Viking, and CTX; topography from MOLA; compositional maps ...

GlyphHanger  v.0.1a3

Please note that GlyphHanger is still an alpha and that there may be a bug or two. Andrew's Den | Where the wild things areOCZ.

Flex Map Info Window Shadow Generator  v.1

You can set the shadow alpha and color. The marker and window are draggable.

TimelineFX Particle Effects Editor  v.1.30

Many attributes are available for you to finely tune your particle effects, such as, amount, life, velocity, spin, stretch, alpha and many more.

Just plot all your points on the graph according to how you want your particles to ...

PhotoSpiralysis  v.

The first release of PhotoSpiralysis is called Alpha and is free for personal use. The list of features planned for future releases are.
1. Use the transparent part of a picture as the inner area
2. Supersampling around edges (reduces pixellated ...

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