Album Information Retrieval


PAD XML Information Retrieval Tool

Freeware PAD (Portable Application Description) XML information retrieval tool is compatible with MS windows operating system. Application is valuable for online extraction of useful information about the websites for webmasters for website promotion.

KT Text Filters

Text extraction is provided into either plain text (trial version) or UNICODE (purchased version) and is normally required for information retrieval search engines such as, SSScanner. KT Text Filters perform text extraction at a tremendously high speed ...


RECOIN - Retrieval Component Integrator  v.rc

The Retrieval Component Integrator Project (RECOIN) intends to provide an extensible framework of Java classes to build a meta-search and information retrieval (IR) system based on heterogenous IR components as part of a modular retrieval process. The ...

Subject Search Spider

SSSpider is your personal information retrieval intelligent Web engine that automates searching for information on the Internet in 39 languages. Its reports include both links ranked by relevancy and text extracts from the pages found. In each text extract ...

MBD Search Engine

MBD SE is capable to create database by local or network documents, find information in a fraction of a second and display found text immediatelly without loading source documents. MBD SE is convenient for creating information retrieval system based ...

Digital Music Pad  v.

Automatic album information transfer including lyrics and covers.
Quickly extract audio from video to MP3 and all formats.
Smart audio finder makes it easy to get songs from your PC.
Easily create standard audio CD's from all audio ...

Internet Music Capture  v.

Finds the album information and adds it to the song. Leave the program running over night and wake up to find several hundreds of new MP3's on your computer in the style you have selected. All high quality recordings, 100% legal.

PHP based CMS Software For Small Businesses  v.2 6

Features of CMS Software:

* Includes web-based publishing
* Provides Format Management
* Facilitates Revision Control Facility
* Enables Site Indexing, Search, and Information Retrieval
* Provides Page Manager
* Text ...

E-CMS : PHP CMS Software  v.2 4

Features of e-cms

* Includes web-based publishing
* Provides Format Management
* Facilitates Revision Control Facility
* Enables Site Indexing, Search, and Information Retrieval
* Provides Page Manager
* Text Editor ...

Stock Aides  v.1.5

Stock Aides is a stock charting, analysis, and information retrieval program for Windows. It uses freely available historical and intraday quotes from the Internet as its data sources. It can be used for stocks, ETFs, and market indices. The charting ...

DtSearch Desktop  v.7.68.8025

dtSearch Desktop is a strong and robust information retrieval tool, having been in continous development since 1991. It enables you to search through terabytes of text in under a second because it builds an index that stores the location of the words ...

Easy Answers Contacts & Invoices  v.2.0

Easy Answers Contact Manager & Invoices An intuitive user interface provides easy data entry, data consistency, and information retrieval. Main Contacts screen displays a list of past invoices for each contact. Correspondence creation and tracking. Generates ...

H.I.M.  v.

Developed by Victor Hugo Paredes Mora

All the information a H.I.M. fan needs to know and have on his Windows Phone. Album information, track listing, video information, video links and more.

ORIEL bioinformatics workbench framework  v.1.0.alpha

The ORIEL workbench is a data browsing interface for REST-based information retrieval services. Originally developed for Bioinformatics applications.

The Lemur Project  v.5.1

The Lemur Project develops search engines, browser toolbars, text analysis tools, and data resources that support research and development of information retrieval and text mining software, including the Indri search engine and ClueWeb09 dataset.

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