Aim Web Interface


Source Safe Web Interface  v.1 3

SSWI is a Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6 Web Interface.

It provides remote access to all the features of Visual Source Safe without the need to install software on the end user PC. SSWI is a fully web based system, that will work on any PC or ...

FreePFW - FreeBSD IPFW Web Interface  v.0.2.2

FreePFW is a web interface to IPFW firewall on FreeBSD servers. It allows authorized users, from authorized hosts changing *specific* rules at the firewall, granting remote access to the server.


PHPUnit Web Interface  v.1.0.rc1

Web Interface for PHPUnit It features runing tests in a web interface with ajax. Every test is run in sepparate sandbox so that they are not altered by the run of the other tests.Code coverage shown in a cool window that can be accessed easy from the ...

Sarcoex's Blender Web Interface  v.1.0

A simple web interface for Blender, for rendering animation with clusters."Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License." ...

WITM - Web Interface To Mathematica  v.0.75

WITM, is an acronym for Web Interface To Mathematica. WITM allows a workstation running Mathematica and a web server to be accessed from any browser. Care was taken to ensure WITM works well with handheld devices such as PDAs.

LogRover - Web Interface  v.2 3

LogRover is an advanced system for analyzing log files generated by web servers. LogRover uses a database to store the results of its analysis. Because of this, the original log files only have to be scanned once. The interactive web interface for LogRover ...

RemOcular for Mac OS X and Linux  v.0.9.0

remOcular provides a AJAX web interface to Unix command line tools like traceroute, top, mpstat remOcular provides a AJAX web interface to Unix command line tools like traceroute, top, mpstat, ... The tools are integrated via a plug-in interface. remOcular ...

DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL  v.1.0.0

DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL is an efficient and helpful PHP Web Form Creator which allows you to build simple and clean WEB Interface for your local or remote MySQL databases. You can easily create forms (Single Forms, Continuous Forms, Datasheet/Table ...

JChem Web Services  v.5. 2. 2005

JChem Web Services provides a web interface that extends access to ChemAxon tools over the Internet or an internal network allowing easier development of applications and scripting using other programming languages such as Javascript, Perl and Python.

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Web  v.1.0.63

NET Web Interface is free, and comes with full source code.
Almost all the text seen on the web interface is stored in resource files, which makes modification of text, it's translation to other languages very easy.
ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET ...

Web Rule ASP.NET Server Control  v.

Web Rule is an ASP.NET server control that allows creation, modification, validation and execution of complex business rules. Using its web interface, business users can create rules by selecting options from a series of context-sensitive drop-down menus.

Dream Web TV  v.

With this application you can remote control and browse the EPG of your Dreambox or any other Enigma 2/DVBAPP box (with enabled web-interface).
You can stream Live TV using a Streaming Server.
In trail version the streaming time is limited and ...

Database Web Admin  v.

DB Web Admin Provides access to your databases through a web interface. It gives users visibility into their SQL Server database instances.DBWA shows users Currently running SQL Queries, Historic Queries, and Fragmented Indexes. DBWA also allows users ...

Db_flay, a web-based database browser  v.0.3.3

db_flay generates a simple, productive web interface for Postgresql databases. The target user is a secretary. db_flay lets users view, edit, copy, and delete data in multiple databases. A Plone-integrated version, plonedbflay, is also available.

GatorSieve Web Sieve Editor  v.1.0

GatorSieve will be a web interface for the updating of sieve mail filter scripts via the manage sieve protocol.

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