Aim Smiley Faces


Valentine Smiley Collection for PostSmile  v.1.0

Express your romantic feelings with the Valentine Smiley Collection for PostSmile! It includes 9 different sets of animated images and smiley faces.

With PostSmile sending emails and posting on message boards gets to be fun. You can Drag and ...

IChat Smiley Remover  v.0.3

iChat Smiley Remover allows you to remove the smiley faces in the iChat instant messenger application. It also has a restore option incase you decide you like the smiley faces. Cloud13 Design.


Spot the Difference

In this game there will be two pictures of different smiley faces. There will be 10 slight differences between the two pictures, such as the position of the eye and the colour of the face. You need to find out all the differences as quickly as possible.

BORGChat  v.1.0.0 Build 438

This chat software provides main and private chats, a message board, smiley faces, chat logs, multilingual support and file transfer. It allows you to beep users, view computers and shares from your network, map network drives and ping users.

MemoryBaby  v.

To play, you have to touch on the pair of smiley faces to open image. If they's the same, they'll disappear, you'll get scores, and add a turn. If they're different they'll hide, you'll lose a turn. If time runs out or turn off, you'll lose. If you ...

Memorized  v.

Memorized challenges users to remember which tiles contain the smiley faces. If you remember all the smiley faces, then you move up to the next level.

12swap  v.1.0

Match the smiley faces to complete 3 in a row. Comes with two modes of play, beat the timer and point rounds. The puzzle game is completely beta final and ready to play! A project of ...

Smiley Bubbles (Ad-Free)  v.

Smiley Bubbles is the BEST, CUTEST, MUST FUN and TOTAL ADDICTIVE game you will ever find! We guarantee you and your family WILL LOVE this game. You will not be able to put it away! The objective of the game is very simple - pop as many smiley bubbles ...

Smiley Bubbles - Free  v.

Smiley Bubbles Free is a free version of the BEST, CUTEST, MUST FUN and TOTAL ADDICTIVE game ever created for Windows Phone 7. We guarantee you and your family WILL LOVE this AMAZING game. You will not be able to put it away!! The objective of the game ...

Love II Smiley Collection for PostSmile  v.5.9

The Love II Smiley Collection includes 6 different sets of animated images and smiley faces. Categories are Hearts, Smileys, Kisses, Valentines, Misc and ABC. For your enjoyment we have also included three groups of quotes about Love and Kisses for more ...

Smileycons  v.

Smileycons is a freeware utility that helps us add many assorted icons to a lot of applications (Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, MSN Messenger, Hotmal, MSN Groups, AIM Mail, AOL Mail, Yahoo! Groups, and many more. From the program interface, we can access ...

Avaya Voice Player  v.

It's easier than typing and you don't need to use smiley faces or 'Ha ha's' to underscore the mood of a sentence - it's all in your voice!

Avaya's Voice Player is THE way to store voice on your PC. It uses Avaya Labs technology to compress ...

General Knowledge Quiz  v.1.0

The interface is also great! And you have smiley faces that make this game more entertaining and fun.

Cloudeight Smileycons  v.4. 2. 2001

Smileycons makes it easy to insert smileys, emoticons and animations in your email and message board posts with one click of your mouse or drag/drop. Smileycons are spyware and adware free and features the cutest smileys on the web! It's so simple to ...

Axmate  v.

With Axmate you can save your chat, manage your windows with ease, use our enhanced emotions, smiley faces and icons, make use of our privacy settings, feel safe On-Line, manage your contacts easier than before and many more, click here to download ...

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