Agenda For Notebook


4ASoft Agenda

4ASoft Agenda helps you manage your work efficiently and with minimum paperwork. Create agenda for different time periods. Assign tasks and make schedules for one or several employees. View and control the necessary information on your project - schedules, ...

Plug and Browse  v.3 4

Plug and Browse is a netswitcher for notebook users who need to access the internet or a LAN from different locations. Create different network profiles and switch between network settings. The Plug and Browse netswitcher captures and restores all TCP/IP ...


LCD Screensaver  v.2.3

LCD Screensaver is a screen saver software that is designed for notebook(laptop computer) LCD screen, The principle is:By controlling the brightness of LCD screen, finally achieve energy saving. (Because LCD and CRT displays various works, The traditional ...

Zet Switch  v.0.4.0

Zet Switch can easily change settings of the network connection, it is useful mainly for notebook users, that often connect to the various networks with different settings. You can change the connection only by two clicks thanks to the software Zet Switch.

CenterClick  v.1.1

Could be a very useful utility for notebook owners.Apart from some type of netbooks / notebooks that have the touchpad with two buttons, and, through the touch pad settings allow you to emulate the middle mouse click while pressing, my touchpad (synaptics) ...

Agendum  v.

Need to juggle endless meetings, all the while keeping track of your topic points and minutes? Agendum makes the task simple!

Create an agenda for your meeting and add the topics that you'd like to discuss, then - throughout the meeting - make ...

NoteShare Viewer  v.2.6.2000

NoteShare Viewer is a viewer app for notebook documents and page folios created by AquaMinds NoteTaker™, NoteShare™ and NoteShare Server™ users, and notebooks being actively shared by NoteShare and NoteShare Server users anywhere in the world. NoteTaker ...

Paragon Net Burner  v.

This solution is extremely helpful for notebook users without CD/DVD/BD burning devices onboard. Sharing a HD-DVD/BD device across the network also reduces equipment costs.

1MediaPlayer  v.1.0.5

This is great for notebook users who have become frustrated with their barely audible notebook speakers.
- Image capturer.
- Available in 13 languages.
- And 100% free!

Calme  v.2012

In addition to the color scheme, the user has control over the context, the font, the number of columns in the agenda for example, sheets or the precise arrangement of the calendar items.

Jewish Cal Free  v.

- Agenda for the next 12 month events.
- Zmanim based on your location.
- Configurable zmanim.
- Adapts to Israel or diaspora.
- Events and date can be displayed in English or Hebrew.

Support my developments and buy ...

PEMDAS  v.1.2

You can clear the caches by pressing clear on your keyboard twice fast (shift+delete for notebook users), or double clicking the clear button on the calculator. In addition, PEMDAS lets you switch between degrees and radians, has support for percentages ...

Full Screen  v.

Full Screen extremely easy-to-use! For notebook's and small display's owner, Full Screen is really a valuable gift from Fanix Software!

PowerTOC  v.2 3

Sometimes, a PowerPoint presentation just will not work without a summary, table of contents or agenda. For those times, PowerTOC you add that critical functionality cleanly and simply to your presentation.

Dupehunter Pro  v.

Dupehunter Professional is an innovative search software to identify duplicated files on personal computers or in a network. Dupehunter Professional has a well-considered basis and offers a high degree of flexibility.
Dupehunter Professi is an outstanding tool, not only for private users but also ...

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