Adding Running Times


Multicaps Handicapping Software  v.1 2

Predicts the fractional running times at each for every horse. Offers projected value odds-lines and exotic wagering modules. Ideal for pace handicappers!

Program Features:

- Automatic handicapping system
- Value Oddsline

Home Movie Library Database  v.1.1

Search through your entered movies for specific titles, actors, running times, studio, genre or other items.


Track Timer  v.

Track Timer is a free stopwatch app which helps you keep track of running times for various running distances.

Upcoming features:
1) Save your lap and track times for each type of run.
2) View your statistics (Average, Worst, Best) ...

Marathon Calculator  v.

The Marathon Calculator predicts your running times for common race distances based on the time you provide for another distance. The predicted time is not a guarantee of your performance, but is a good indicator of your running capacity. The calculator ...

Monitor Computer Usage Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to record running times of active windows on a PC. When started, the software lists the application, window title, times and total active time for each window opened on the system. There are options to ...

IIS Tracer  v.

You can see or log state of each request, incoming/outgoing bytes, http headers and several request running times.
IISTracer shows a state of running scripts (.asp, .aspx,, .cfm, .php, .cgi, etc), applications (.dll, .exe, ..) and a big ...

Swift-E-Logbook x64  v.

Swift-E-Logbook is the quick, easy and accurate software solution for pilots to ease the chore of logging personal flight times, and produce a record of flying experience in a JAA logbook format, complying with JAR 1.080. Save time, no more adding up ...

Staden  v.9

This significantly reduces the memory usage on large data sets, at the expense of longer running times.

Windows Elapsed Running Time  v.1 6

There are several occasions when it could be helpful to know how long your computer has been running. Perhaps you need to check the last system shutdown, or to see if a power cut interrupted your system, or maybe your PC or laptop computer is simply slowing ...

Times Tables

Does your child struggle with their Times Tables? Don't have time to help them? Then this game can really help you both! A clean simple game to play, but effective at making your child learn their tables. Once they have mastered the structured and random ...

Running Recorder  v.2.7.8

RunningRecorder is a software for recording Running Programs,Folders or Webpage,and replay at anytime.

Speed Up Slow Running Laptop  v.

Speed Up Slow Running Laptop software is the simple and secure program that allows you to speed up and enhance the performance of slow running laptops. It is the most popular user satisfied program and it has powerful in-built algorithm to speed up laptop ...

Al Muhaddith: Prayer Times  v.6 96

Muhaddith prayer times adhan software download with pre athan quran recitation.

This islamic azan time table clock program includes thousands of cities.

Main features:

- Enable/Disable individual azhan times (zuhr, asr, ...

Prayer Times Software  v.1. 1. 2002

This program allows you to keep track of the praying times of the day. Its user interface shows useful information like the actual hour of the day, the exact times in which you need to say the different prayers (Fajr, Shuruq, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and ...

Auriga Times Tables  v.1.0

Today's technology can help you learn the times tables without you notice. Discover how the subliminal technology that is used in science and marketing can help you learn the times tables under the premise that the regular conscious way of learning is ...

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