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New Tab King  v.5.0.6

New Tab King is a Firefox extension that lets you view your most visited sites in a histogram view on each new tab launch. A browser add-on that's available for you when launching a new browser tab. Instead of getting a blank page (or the Homepage in ...

LightShot for Firefox  v.2.0.1

LightShot for Firefox is a Firefox addon, a software allowing you to easily make screenshots of any selected area in a browser tab. It is not overloaded by useless options. You just hit Lightshot icon on the toolbar or status bar (Alt+T), then select ...


Portable Avant Browser 2013 Build  v.17

Here is Avant Portable browser which you can carry in your USB drive and consumes less memory and is secure like firefox. Avant Browser is top rated multi-window browser in Internet, which adds a batch of features and functionalities to Internet Explorer.

Fastest Web Browser

Fastest Web Browser is one free tabs web browser, one full features web browser for Windows OS, it is a small internet browser, fast and handy very much, totally freeware from, it is one standalone program, no installation needed, ...

Lunascape4  v.4. 8. 2001

Lunascape is highly customizable and functional browser made in Japan. This one of the world's most advanced browser incorporates revolutionary features, including multi-tab browsing and the ability to build your favorite search engine into the browser ...

Portable Sleipnir  v.2. 8. 2003

With Sleipnir, you can customize the browser to meet your own needs and create your ideal browser changing design, skin, and visual appearance. You can also add useful functions to Sleipnir with a wide range of plug-ins and user scripts.

The ...

Lunascape5  v.5. 1. 2006

Lunascape is the world's first and only triple engine browser. It has been downloaded over 10 million times in Japan and it's now available globally in 11 languages.

Mybrowser  v.1.20.1000

myBrowser is IE based simple, easy to use Multi Browser, Tabed Web Browser.User has the option to select number of Browsers, upto 6, to run simultaneously in a single window, have different Home Page for each and save History.User have the option to view ...

HHOTT View  v.1.0

HHOTT View is a free browser add-on that lets the general web browsing public safely preview links and web content without clicking or leaving the current web page, so one can browse the web safer and faster than ever. Simply mouse over the preview icon ...

Simple Mail  v.2.81 Beta1

Simple Mail is a Firefox Add-on for receiving, reading and writing emails in your browser.Simple Mail Features:
1. Ability to delete individual messages from server. (Not just "delete/dont delete all" mode like is done in other mail clients. Unfortunatelly ...

Musicality - Grooveshark, and more!  v.1.4.2004

The web brought a world of music to our doorstep, but listening in a web browser is a huge hassle. Musicality makes services like Pandora,, and Grooveshark just as easy to use as iTunes. If you love music, you'll wonder how you ever lived without ...

Generic Spreadsheet Charts  v.11 5

Features :
- fixed the 'Open current chart in a browser tab' feature.
- added window.resizeTo() to be KDE and Gnome friendly.

Free Web Chat  v.

Free Web Chat tool provides browser Tab for immediate online searches for website operators. Free Web Chat software has operator which can select and play sound file for any Audio Notification if visitor arrives for chat. Reliable Free Web Chat tool ...

ProteinID Finder  v.1.8.2

Save Reports
Export the analyzed data into a tab delimited format for use in your favorite spreadsheet application.Web Integration
To minimize switching between applications, ProteinID Finder has an integrated web browser that allows you to browse ...

ButtonBar+ for Safari  v.1.1

FEATURES: TE Add as many new customizable bookmarks bars to your browser as you require. TE Customize each new bookmark bar by choosing from 10 styles and 2 button types. TE Add new bookmarks directly from the current ButtonBar+ instance by clicking ...

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