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Smart Turn Off Timer  v.2. 1. 2002

It shows a countdown timer as soon as the timer is initiated. This is a nice utility for all computer users out there who usually forget to shutdown their systems. System administrators will also find this nice little application very useful. I will ...

Vista Shutdown Timer  v.

Vista Shutdown Timer is a practical, small and free automation tool that will let you shutdown, restart, or hibernate your machine at a specific hour. The program is easy to configure and use, and it will display a text message or a sound before restarting ...


PinoyBigTimer Server  v.

The timer number button's background is color coded - Gray for inactive timer, Blue for open time and Pink for paused timer. All timer number buttons are visible all the time - just press a timer number button and its transaction details will be shown.

TimerV_  v.

Best Timer. Download for free.

SM LookA  v.2 2

SM LookA is designed as independent software (FreeWare) and may work on it own.
SM LookA can PING another PC and devices.The option might be used for multiple PC shutdown, for turning PC off one by one, etc.
Ping option works simple, just set ...

LaunchPad  v.3 23

A powerful tool for scheduling unattended tasks. LaunchPad offers a wide variety of options. Supports direct DOS commands, DDE monitoring, DDE command scripts, Sendkey macros, Network capable and multiple schedule files. The real power of LaunchPad is ...

Pullmailer  v.1.0

Download adjustable frequency. Program works in the background when 30 seconds of no user action is executed. Log file with time tracking of downloads. Program only works if mail server is running.1. POP3 server: server of the provider
2. User Name: ...

Attachment Auto Saver  v.1.2

Attachment Auto Saver is a Microsoft Outlook Add-On component that automatically saves attachments from Outlook email messages Attachment Auto Saver helps Outlook users like yourself save time and improve productivity. Whether you need to all inbound ...

Wedding Cakes ACT Canberra

Desktop Screen Saver - Free Download - Comes with our compliments from - Wedding Cakes ACT Canberra ...

555 Timer PRO  v.

555 Timer PRO and 555 Timer PRO EX (extended) are combined in the same demo download. Simply toggle between modes to view the features of each. Most resistor values are masked in the demo; some circuits are electronically blurred; some menu items are ...

Easy HR Timer Pro  v.2.0

Easy HR Countdown Timer Pro comes with a number of common preset times, as well as the ability to create your own unique shortcuts from within the application for your custom times. A single click will start the application with your own countdown value.

Easy Count Down Timer  v.10 10

This useful counter counts down, and only has a small footprint, so you can still see the Powerpoint slide behind the timer. Easy HR Countdown Timer comes with a number of common preset times, as well as the ability to create your own unique shortcuts ...

ACT-MP3  v.1.2.1

Download covers for your mp3s with this tool. ACT-MP3 is the 'Automatic Cover Tool for MP3'. This program will process your MP3 files collection and download all missing cover images.Requirements:
* Java ...

ANT 4 Pizza Timer

ANT 4 Pizza Timer counts down the time and alerts you when Pizza is ready. It plays a soundfile to notify you, in case you don't sit in front of your PC. You can customize different profiles, so you can easily use ANT 4 Pizza Timer for various dishes.

Xpert-Timer 2007

Xpert Timer is a project management software which can help you keep an accurate track of the time spent for each and every activity by all the members of a team. It's now U3 memory stick compatible!

As we all know, projects can turn from complicated ...

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