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Video To MP3/WAVE Extract

Video to mp3/wave Extract is a powerful tool for video file to mp3 wave conversion. The features include: convert avi to mp3 wave,real format to mp3 wave, vcd/svcd/dvd to mp3 wave .Convert wave ogg wave wma to mp3 ,support for WMV DivX AVI, MPEG1 (layer1, ...

AudioFinder  v.4.8.3

Use AudioFinder to create custom sets for sound categories and specific projects, with fast file browsing to audition, analyze, process, convert, and move or copy the samples in your library.AudioFinder can visualize sounds instantly with the waveform ...


WMV To Wav Converter

WMV To Wav Converter can convert WMV file to a wav file. With the build-in multimedia player, you can preview the wmv file, set start time and end time, convert any audio section of the wmv file without quality loss. WMV To Wav converter can encode wave ...

MPEG To Wav Converter

MPEG To Wav Converter can convert MPEG or MPG file to a wav file. With the build-in multimedia player, you can preview the mpeg file, set start time and end time, convert any audio section of the mpeg file without quality loss. MPEG To Wav converter can ...

Super Mp3 Wav Converter  v.1 6

Super MP3 Wav Converter allows you to easily convert wave files into the popular MP3 file format. Because there are more MP3 audio players than wave players, you can enjoy your music in more places. And because sending MP3 files is easier than sending ...

CDMaster32  v.6.0

- Cross-Convert any supported file format.
- Easily Create CD Labels for any CD.
- Render any supported Tracker format to a more portable format like AudioCD, MP3, WAV, or Vorbis.

Froddle Pod  v.1.0.1

By using this free application you will be able to rip music from your audio CDs, convert the resulting WAV files into MP3s, edit the tags of your music files, build your own playlists, and normalize the volume of specific tracks, a specific ...

Audio CD to MP3 Maker  v.1. 1. 2000

- Convert CD to Wave.
- Convert CD to MP3.
- Play MP3 files.
- Play wav files.
- Supports the multi-threaded
- Easy to use.
- Convert CD tracks fast.

Wave To Text

Wave To Text is an English speech recognition-based dictation pad with a WAV to text converter. The dictation pad lets you convert your voice to text in real-time, while the wizard enables you to convert your Audio WAV files (speech recorded) offline.

Text To Wave ActiveX Server DLL

Text To Wave ActiveX DLL allows programmers to convert any readable text to a spoken wave file or a mp3 file .
Ouputs 80+ wave formats XML scripting, ASP Server-Side Scripting for high quality wave production for your web
or telephony project.


DVD To MP3 WAVE WMA ASF Converter is a quick and easy-to-use DVD audio extractor. It can convert DVD audio to high quality WAVE, MP3, WMA 9, ASF and AC3 audio files.

Support MP3 with CBR,VBR, version and many preset quality modes, make converting ...

River Past Wave@MP3

Select the input file, and click "Convert", that's it!

Convert your WAVE files to put on your portable MP3 player, or convert your MP3 files to burn to a CD.

No Adware or spyware. DX8 required. (download link available on web site).

Bliss WAVE OGG to RM Copier

Bliss WAVE OGG to RM Copier - You can edit the title, artist, album, year, genre and comment information of your files. Bliss WAVE OGG to RM Copier is an easy-to-use tool to convert your audio CD to MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG file. Bliss WAVE OGG to RM Copier ...

Wave@MP3  v.3 7

River Past Wave@MP3 is supposed to do convert WAV to MP3 and MP3 to WAV. Skeleton functions to deal with audio files on your computer. With WAV to MP3 you can convert songs ripped from CD into MP3 and with MP3 to WAV you can create files ready to be written ...

Mp3 To Wave Converter  v.2 3

Acoustica MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS is a neat and small audio converter that allows you to quickly transcode your MP3 files not only to WAV, but also to WMA. You can also convert from one MP3 file to another MP3 file in order to change its bitrate. You ...

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