Access Text Functions


Access Text Manager  v.1.71

With the Access Text Manager you can manage all texts and text messages of your provided user surface. That means the properties with text contents of your forms and reports are picked out by the Tool and stored in an Access table clearly. The advantage ...

Special Functions Model  v.1.0

Study math functions with this tool. EJS Special Functions Model shows how to access special functions in the OSP numerics package. The simulation displays a graph of the special function over the given range as well as the value of the selected function ...


Embeddable Predictive Text Library  v.b378.32

A C (and JavaScript) library providing predictive text functions. The API is very simple and provides dictionary autocomplete and partial/full matching. Sample cellphone-like examples are included.


NET library to access the functions and features of the Sphinx full-text search engine from your .NET applications. With SphinxConnector.NET you can easily integrate the fast full-text search capabilities provided by Sphinx into your websites and programs.

X360soft - Ftp Client ActiveX SDK

It allows you to access FTP functions with a single line of code. You can get the file listing within a folder on FTP server. Create new files/folders on FTP server and delete multiple files/folders on FTP server. Upload multiple files to FTP server ...

Tweak Revisited  v.3 2

Tweak Revisited is a utility that provides easy access to
functions, settings and information in Windows 95, 98 and ME.
Includes cookie managers, startup manager, built-in True-Color icon editor.
Right-click menu options, boot options, ...

Professional Removable Disk Data Restore  v.

Data Doctor Removable media data restoration software restore lost program files, word, excel, power point, MS Access, text Document from USB flash drive, External Hard Drives, Multimedia Card (MMC), Compact flash, memory stick, Extreme Digital (XD) picture ...

Pro QR Code  v.

You can use Pro QR Code to access text, web links, telephone, contacts, email, sms...

1. You can save the scanned results in this App;
2. You can scan a business card with QR Code, and save it as your contacts;
3. Supports ...

File Finder  v.3.0

By combining a text box with a dynamically refreshing list box, the program will instantly display matching files as you type. Once the file is found, the user can open it by double-clicking, or access other functions from a context-menu by right-clicking.

Blade API Monitor  v.

The key features are:

Trace any exported functions of any DLLs, including Windows API and any other 3rd-Part APIs, unnecessarily to know the prototype of the functions;

Trace NT Native API and undocumented APIs;

Trace ...

ZOC Terminal  v.6 34

The purpose of the program is to let you access character based hosts using telnet, modem, Secure Shell (SSH/SSH2), ISDN and most other means of communication. It can be used to connect to Unix/Linux hosts and shell accounts, BBS's, IBM mainframes (via ...

Hot Keyboard Pro  v.4.0.25

Set up macros to paste signatures, phone numbers and other frequently used text; record and play back keystrokes and mouse actions; launch favorite applications; open documents you work on often; get to folders including My Documents, Control Panel, ...

Forms To Go  v.

Use the user-friendly, graphical interface to configure server-side validations, file uploads, databases storage (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, text file), spam/captcha/reCAPTCHA™ protection, autoresponder, and more without having to write ...

AXGate  v.

The components you want to access are listed in profiles and accessed in packets. User permission or internal authentication can be configured. The profiles can be restricted to protocol or URL for additional security. AXGate is packed with newObjects ...

The Sleuthhound PDF Search  v.4.6.3

Search Adobe PDF, MS Word, HTML or plain text.
The Sleuthhound PDF Search is an easy to use PDF Document Search Tool, which works like a Web Search Engine on your computer folders. Create Search Zones with a 1-2-3 wizard. Folders with PDF files and ...

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