Access Music


Access Virus Loop Collection for Garage Band  v.1.0

Access Music GmbH, the company behind the award winning Virus Synthsizer series, released a free loop collection for Apples GarageBand. The 46MB archive features punchy arpeggiator patterns, fat filter flows and amazing pad sounds exclusively generated ...

Convert MP3  v.3 2

All-in-one solution for quickly converting MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG files, ripping and encoding CD sound tracks, editing ID3 tags, CDDB access, music play and more. Integrates with the Windows right-click menu.


PercautusRadio  v.1. 3. 2002

After few mouse clicks you can connect with hundreds of radio stations from whole world and access music lyrics with a touch of one button.

Radio stations are classified by genre playing songs of Beatles, 80s, Top Hits, Classical ...

CHIP-ID Toolbar  v.6 4

You have the possibility to access the forum or the chat, to put gadgets on your desktop, to access music websites.

P2P Music Jukebox  v.1.0.0

P2P Music Jukebox helps you to access music downloaded using your favourite peer to peer file sharing program easily. Just set your favorite folder and access it with a click of a button. Learn where to get unlimited download to over 200,000 working ...

MP3db  v.3 8

* OGG/Vorbis and Windows Media Audio are supported as well
* Sorting, grouping and filtering
* Different fast search and query functions
* Multi-tag editor
* Fuzzy duplicate search in title/artist/album
* The data is saved in a MS-Access database, which ...

LAN Bridger  v.0.9.10b

Access music. Or kick back and play a game. If you can do it locally, LAN Bridger lets you do it remotely. It's as easy as click, click, you're connected.LAN Bridger is free, small, and contains no malware.What's it for?
1. Gaming. LAN Bridger is ...

Instant File Find Pro  v.1.8.1

You can customize quick Buttons which enable you to access music, video and documents much easier.
- And more...

LAN Bridger 64bit  v.0.9.10

Access music. Or kick back and play a game. If you can do it locally, LAN Bridger lets you do it remotely. ItOCOs as easy as click, click, you're connected. LAN Bridger is free, small, and contains no malware. ItOCOs simple and doesnOCOt get in the ...

PlugPlayer  v.2.0.0

- Stream Music*, Video*, and Images* from a Media Server* to your Mac Already have a media server running on your home computer or server? With PlugPlayer you can access music from your media server and listen to it on your Mac. - Control a Media Renderer* ...

PhatNoise Music Manager  v.2. 3. 2006

This innovative music management software allows you to seamlessly access, organize, transfer and playback thousands of digital music files, including WMA, MP3, WAV and FLAC formats.

The PhatNoise Music Manager works on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 ... Music Search Toolbar  v.1.0

com Music Search Engine Toolbar allows users to Search, Locate, Play and Download any Music Online for free. The Toolbar provides direct Access to Millions of Songs Located Online. The MP3 Toolbar integrates directly into your IE6, IE7, or Mozilla Browser ...

Music Mixing  v.1.0

net, this toolbar provides instant access to a custom search engine that instantly accesses blogs, forums, and tutorials on music mixing techniques, recording studio information, Pro Tools, and your favorite recording gear!

Classical Music Internet Radio Toolbar  v.4.5

Plus, get access to internet only classical music stations, classical music blogs, torrents and MP3's. Listen to Beethoven, Bach, Debussy and a whole lot more! Presets include: 1 FM : Classical Music, SKY Radio Solo Piano, SKY Radio Classical Guitar, ...

Restore Access Database Recover Files  v.3.04

Recover Access Database - and recover Other files (recover Word files, recover Excel spreadsheets, undelete photos from camera, recover shows from camcorder, recover music from MP3 music batter and computer).

~ Recover Deleted Access database

~ ...

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