2x2 Pixel Size


PhotoRename  v.2.0

This program can automatically extract and format EXIF date and time, image pixel size, and more. This tool can modify existing filenames by simply adding additional info.


When you download a flash animation from the web page you browse, FlashFetcher displays the pixel-size of the flash file, URL, and then saves it to your hard disk.


Messenger Icons for Vista  v.2011.1

For most Internet users, communication with their family, friends and general public via email or IMs is the one of the major tasks they attend to daily. As technologies evolve, more and more sophisticated applications hit the market, but the core remains ...

16x16 Free Application Icons  v.2013.1

Icon images are provided in 16x16 pixel size only. There are two color schemes available, 256 and 32-bit color. The file formats are PNG, BMP, GIF and ICO. It is available for instant free download.

Aha-Soft designs a lot of icon ...

16x16 Free Toolbar Icons  v.2013.1

Icon images are provided in 16x16 pixel size only. There are two color schemes available, 256 and 32-bit color. The file formats are PNG, BMP, GIF and ICO. The collection is available for instant free download. It is licensed under the Creative ...

CODIJY Pro for Windows  v.3.5.7


- bringing to life old family and iconic black and white images
- colorizing portraits and scenes of any complexity
- turning best-loved shots into color masterpieces
- refreshing featured images and other digital content with color highlights
- turning your photos into eye-catching avatar images
- testing color schemes for interiors, cars etc
- splashing new colors over selected photo objects
- covert images to grayscale

- 3 colorization modes
- Instant Preview for real-time result generation
- Pick colors like a pro with advanced options!
- 32 color libraries for people, materials and landscape features
- Ability to create and share libraries
- Gradient Pen for conveying live color transitions
- Capture Gradients from color photos
- Track coloring History
- De-color objects, protect original colors
- Edit stroke colors with advanced Repaint tools
- View Result image side-by-side in Split View
- Work on pixel-size details and ...

VISCOM Digital Signage Display Software  v.8.16

added allow manually enter the pixel size and location of each zone in layout form.
added allow display Power Point (PPTX) File without installed MS Power Point or Power Point viewer.
added allow create Power Point (PPTX) File without ...

SCWebCam3  v.3. 7. 2001

- Automatic capture and FTP upload with configurable timer
-Tabbed configuration interface, and relatively human-readable error messages
- Saves image as JPG or PNG with variable quality, size, and thumbnail functionality.

PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic  v.4.4.677

The program functionality includes:

- Georeferencing of raster images;
- Transforming images from one coordinate system to another, using an extensive database supplied or custom created coordinate systems;
- Creating mosaics from georeferenced images of various formats;
- Photometric correction of source images for mosaic creation;
- Automatic or manual creation of ROIs;
- Splitting created mosaic into specifed sheets (including standard sheets);
- Specifying pixel size;
- Specifying ...

Camera Card Recovery  v.

Comprehensive digital camera recovery software provides an affordable way to retrieve entire damaged or corrupted images without losing original color complexity, pixel size, quality, file extension, height, width, screen resolution etc. Easy to handle ...

Pngrewrite  v.1.4.0

It also optimizes transparency data, and reduces the bits-per-pixel if possible. Handy for post-processing PNG files before putting them on a web site.It can probably run on most any platform on which libpng can run. A Windows version is included. For ...

Mapivi  v.0.9.7

resize pictures, change the quality (file size) of pictures
5. filter a picture (normalize, equalize, saturation, gamma, unsharp mask, ...)Other Features
1. generate and display high quality thumbnails
2. store generated thumbnail pictures ...

CrossGL SnapDraw  v.3.20

The size of reflection is computed as a part of resulting image and automatically adjusts to the scene size and constraints.
3. Magnifier Lens Effect helps focus to some important part of the screenshot and looks very nice.Aspect Ratio is Easy

CrossGL Alpha Screenshot  v.2.0

Aspect Ratio is Easy
* With automatic aspect ratio alignation you will always create a proper-sized final images regardless of resulting pixel size dimensions.
* Choose from typical aspect ratios such as 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 or define your own.
* ...

Screen Shot Pro  v.

Picture Resizer Pro's easy-to-use interface has many features such as
* DPI (Dots Per Inch) selector so you can print out high quality pictures
* Image Quality adjuster so you can manage the quality of your pictures
* An Anti-Aliasing feature so you can turn on/off Anti-Aliasing
* Ability to resize your images from 10% to 250% of the original OR resize to a specific Pixel size
* If you ...

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