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A-PDF N-up Page  v.5.0

A-PDF N-up Page (PDF imposition) is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you to batch make creating N-up (2-up, 4-up etc…) imposed PDF files as easy as drag-and-drop, It combinesrearranges PDF pages onto larger (or custom size) ...

Simple PDF N-up Page  v.1.5

Simple PDF N-up Page is a powerful software to rearrange the page layout of PDF files. It is designed to focus on PDF booklet making and imposition layout arrangement. It enables you to tcombine two or more PDF pages into one PDF page quickly. Besides, ...


Wise PDF N-up Page  v.1.4

Wise PDF N-up Page is a professional and speedy desktop application. It focuses on PDF booklet making and imposition layout arrangement, making N-up imposed PDF files easily and quickly. With Wise PDF N-up Page, you can lay out the PDF pages in one page ...

Jigsaw kids 2 up go kids game

Jigsaw kids 2 up go kids game. Kids like games. Jigsaw kids 2 up go kids game Use this game for free and fun. This is free online Jigsaw kids 2 up go kids game kids game. This game develop your child. Play kids game.

Easy PDF N-up Page  v.1.5

Have you ever want to print a PDF document in booklet form(print multiple pages on one sheet), to make it look more like an actual book or booklet? Or perhaps you wished to print 2 pages(or 4 pages) per sheet to save paper. This is what Easy PDF N-up ...

Pdf Imposition Software  v.1.3.4

Tool quickly changes existing documents into 2-up and side by side duplicate page format pdf for perfect & saddle stitch binding. Acrobat document to booklet conversion application provides option to stamp fold marking at center point of page. Mark color, ...

QQBrowser  v.

supported web page & wap 2.0 page browsing
2.history records
3.smart and muti-window management, the maxmium window up to 12.
4.with Quick Links design,you can easily assign any link to Favorites
5. categorized web links for easily and ...

Adguard Web Filter  v.5.8

It is compatible with all popular browsers and protects you against obtrusive and unpleasant advertisements, speeds up page loading and reduces bandwidth usage.

Install Adguard on your PC to get rid of ads on all Web-sites ...

Pdf to Booklet Conversion Tool  v.1.3.4

Best application ever to merge multiple pdf together, print booklet with N number of signatures per booklet, 2-UP print & side by side duplicate print. Application is easy in use, compatible to run on Windows 8 operating system and safe to install. Free ...

IncrediMail Address Book Converter  v.6.06

Use PCVARE's IncrediMail Contacts Converter to convert IncrediMail contacts to Outlook with all fields - Display, Email, first, Last, Address, Phone, Phone 2, Web page. IncrediMail Contacts Converter helps users to convert IncrediMail contacts to Outlook, ...

DRMsoft Html to EXE Packer  v.7.0

Supports pop up page, and still protect the pop up page. You can make a html e-book in just 3 steps: Select your index page(home page), set your encryption key, then click the pack button. Your e-books are also very easy to distribute because everything ...

Overrun DX  v.1.0

Overrun is a board game for 2 up to 4 players. The aim of the game is to overtake all stones from the opponents. This is achieved by smart placing of your own stones. Each field can only contain a certain number of stones. If this number is reached the ...

Zeal  v.32.0

Most of your work in the game involve cleaning up page layouts for print. The game is a combination of hidden object tasks and original mini-games. Most of the time, you will be shown a magazine layout or cover, full of objects, and many of them having ...

JBeepMaker  v.1.0

Create music with this tool. A music maker which does not require headphones, written in Java. Note: This only works on Windows machines, and some machines do not support the "beep."Features:
1. Makes system beeps! Not from your speakers!
2. Up to 31 notes!

ContextMenuPlus  v.0.1

ContextMenuPlus is a Firefox addon, enable you to copy the page title, copy link text, copy as plain text, open page and link hostnames.
This add-on adds following items to context menu:
1. Copy Page Title
2. Open Page Hostname
3. Copy ...

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