16x16 Document Type


Noog  v.2.3

The Noog programme is used to make queries by country, language, document type, time of creation, website, excluding certain phrases, etc.
In doing so, it sends queries to search engines, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Explorer.
It ...

Recent Document Tracker  v.0.8.2

Recent Document Tracker can track recent documents and folders, then by using document type icons in the taskbar tray you can pop-up a menu of recent documents sorted by last access time.
Selecting a menu choice will launch the appropriate software ...



Use your regular phone line or Internet to send to multiple fax numbers, receive and manage faxes on your PC as easily as e-mail or like in a regular fax machine just load a document, type a fax number and click the 'Send Now' button. Create facsimile ...

BCL easyPDF Server  v.6. 3. 2015

BCL easy PDF Server is an affordable, full function PDF creator that provides server-side automated PDF conversion from Word or any other document type. It also allows you to convert documents from multiple folders, and their sub-folders at the same time.

Wenovo HTML Meta Tags Creator  v.1.0

This free meta tags generator will create meta tags for HTML and XHTML document type, a complete tool to generate Meta Tags easily and correctly for all of your webpages. The generated meta tags can be easily copied on to clipboard, save it as text documents ...

PDF/XPS Exporter for Internet Explorer  v.1.0

Document Exporter for Internet Explorer brings PDF, XPS, DOC and other widely used formats to the most popular Internet browser ever, enabling you to save web pages to one of this supported document type or simply attach to your Microsoft Outlook emails ...

Barcode ActiveX Control  v.

It’s Easy! – Insert into your document, type the bar code into the Bar code field, and click Print.

Versatile – Use it in your favorite programs. Easily integrate with MS Office, VB6, .NET, Visual C++, and other programs that take advantage ...

HTML Meta Tags Creator  v.1.0

This free meta tags generator will create meta tags for HTML and XHTML document type, a complete tool to generate Meta Tags easily and correctly for all of your webpages. Includes all widely supported tags with value hints. You can create meta tags profile, ...

XML Resume Library  v.1.5.1

The XML Resume Library is an XML document type and set of XSL stylesheets for the web and print production as well as the metadata mangement and B2B exchange of resumes and curricula vitae.

Xml-holidays  v.1.0

xml-holidays introduces an XML document type for expressing international holidays and it also provides actual holiday definitions for many countries.

Blitz Document

Blitz Document is a sophisticated custom-designed document automation product. Working in the Blitz Document, users can produce large volumes of documents quickly and accurately, and have them filed away safely into archives logically structured by document ...

Document Indexer  v.1.0

Document Indexer is a tool to increase the productivity of filing scanned documents. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with a Document Management Program. Document Indexer monitors a file folder(s) for TIFF and PDF files, when a file arrives ...

Document Palette  v.1.0.1

Document Palette allows you to create new documents directly in open folders. It holds document types that you frequently use and allows you to create documents without launching an editor and without fumbling around in awkward save panels.While in an ...

Document Indexing  v.3 7

- Provides a unique instrument number to all documents automatically
- Records an unlimited number of documents
- Unlimited name / business entry
- Document forms for specific document types
- Provides chain of title
- Provisions ...

XRay XML Editor  v.2.1 bulid 10

As you type, parsing errors are listed so you always know if the document is correct. There is no need to parse your file, as it is parsed constantly as you create it. If you are new to XML or you are using another editor that requires parsing or validating ...

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