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PhotoThru  v.1.00.63

The PhotoThru package is a utility which was developed to allow the photo printer users to work with images. It consists of Image Editor and PhotoThru.PhotoThru allows viewing, organizing, managing, and printing images in ease and handy manner.

Magic Keyboard  v.

Magic Keyboard is a software that performs hotkeys on the keyboard, runs minimized in your system tray and enables you to set up various key combinations. With its help you can speed up the access to applications like Windows Explorer, for example,

ES Tool  v.3.00

ES Tool (The Drive Diagnostic Utility) is made with the aim of testing a Samsung hard disk drive while it is installed inside a PC, regardless of the status of user's operating system. In fact of the drives returned to Samsung,

Easy Resolution Manager  v.

Easy Resolution Manager is a utility that enables the screen resolution. A resolution optimized for the LCD panel, and the 1024x768 resolution is provided for more handy use of the small-sized LCD panel. If a user selects a resolution and clicks the

Easy Display Manager  v.

Easy Display Manager is a convenient utility for managing your display and function keys, help you view function key information, configure hotkeys and adjust screen brightness with the function keys on your netbook. Easy Display Manager Features: 1.

Direct Printing Utility  v.1.01.16

Direct Printing Utility is a convenient print management tool, give you full control over the document printing process and ease the management of print jobs. With the help of Direct Printing Utility youll be able to easily select the printer and add

Battery Life Extender  v.

Battery Life Extender is a battery power management utility, can help you prolong the battery cycle life. You can change the settings based on your requirements.

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