Software Developed by idxSoft LLC

TrackTheLinks Web Browser  v.3.0.1

A totally different kind of web browser; it lists everything on a site.

PicBlitz Photo Manager  v.3. 11. 2001

It's blink'n fast! Move the mouse over a list to instantly display the image. Use a single click to stop the motion. When images are modified, they are not changed on the hard drive; rather a powerful drive matrix is modified.

PicBlitz Image Viewer and Organizer  v.4.1

View and find images fast, as fast as a video.

PicBlitz  v.4.2.1

View your images fast like a video, one of the easiest ways to find a long-lost photo; simply hover your mouse over an image in the directory and see it instantly. Organize your images virtually, the hard drive is never updated until you decide.

ListTheLinks Free Headline Browser  v.4.0.0

ListTheLinks Free Headline Browser saves you time finding and reading the news; it identifies the latest stories for you regardless of their position on the home page; just click the navigation list and browse. Pre-loaded with over 30 news sites.

IdxScout  v.2.0.1

Find Foreign Keys. Effortless Data Models. SQL Made Simple. Developers, Crystal Report Pros, and Data Analysts will love it. Hunt database keys. Use it for a model. Unique interface makes sense. Works with SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access & DBF.

DocuGrab Word Search and View  v.1.4.1

Find word matches in PDF, Word documents in a split second. Handles millions of words and 1000's of documents. Fast, like an online search. A dictionary helps you find the word you want. A hover or click on the list displays the document in a flash.

ClipToCMS Web Entry Assistant  v.1.01

ClipToCMS is free software that helps fill out web content entry forms for you; makes it as easy as highlighting some text and pressing a button.

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