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WxLyrics  v.

wxLyrics is a simple software written in Python and using waxgui (wxPython) for the interface. wxLyrics searches lyrics from artist and song title. You can directly save and print lyrics retrieved from leoslyrics. wxLyrics was designed to help you

Mutt-win32  v.1.5.9

A win32 native port of the Mutt mail client. Mutt is a text-based mail client for Unix operating systems. Mutt-win32 aims to bring this software to the Windows environment and provide you with an Email client that is easy-to-use and has all the

Mdf2iso  v.0.30

mdf2iso is a very simple utility to convert an Alcohol 120% bin image to the standard ISO-9660 format, cue sheets, or TOC file.The software command line is a file converter format image of mdf Alcohol 120% to ISO format.

MantelTester  v.1.1.2

MantelTester is a GUI to easily perform mutual Mantel Tests on any number of input matrices, process the results and put all that together in a standard report. MantelTester uses the well-known Zt ( by Eric Bonnet as

Jimmys Remember Timer  v.

Jimmys Remember Timer is a small schedule good for web rpg games that need your attention every a couple of minutes. For example Monstersgame,

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