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Recodon  v.1.6.0

Recodon simulates coding DNA sequences with recombination, migration and demographic periods. Coalescent simulations of codon models with recombination, migration and demography.

JModelTest  v.0.1.1

Phylogenetic model averaging. jMODELTEST ijModelTest is a software to carry out statistical selection of best-fit models of nucleotide substitution. It implements five different model selection strategies:

GEODIS  v.2.6

A tool to perform the nested clade phylogeographic analysis (NCPA). GEODIS is a software for the calculation of the statistics and associated P-values for the nested clade analysis (NCA) developed by Templeton and collaborators. In the NCA,

Collapse  v.1.2

Describing haplotypes from sequence alignments. COLLAPSE is a simple tool for collapsing sequences to haplotypes (unique sequences). It can read DNA sequence alignments in NEXUS or PHYLIP "sequential" format.

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