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The LaTeX Beamer Class  v.3.07

The Beamer class is a LaTeX class for creating presentations using a video projector.

SithTemplate  v.1.0

SithTemplate is easy to use, text-based (can process any kind of text, not only HTML), extensible template engine for PHP 5.

SelectionSK  v.0.2

SelectionSK is a Firefox addon, can copy, highlight, translate and search from a pop menu in Firefox. It pop up a useful menu when you select text that comprises copy, highlight, translation and search functions. SelectionSK Features: 1. Copy

Portable Qualyzer  v.1.1.2

Organize the data for your qualitative inquiries with this tool. Qualyzer supports researchers conducting qualitative inquiries by helping them manage participants, transcripts, and memos.

Neurocognitive Linguistics Laboratory  v.1.2.0

Neurocognitive Linguistics is an approach to linguistics developed by Sydney Lamb which uses relational networks to model what the brain actually does when it handles language.

Media Loop  v.0.2.2

Media Loop is a Firefox add-on, implements the loop attribute for HTML5 videos/audios, brings the loop attribute for HTML5 videos/audios and adds an item to control it from the context menu.Requirements: *

Jackbeat  v.0.7.6

Audio sequencer for musicians and sound artists. Jackbeat is an open source cross-platform audio sequencer that was designed especially for for musicians and sound artists. Jackbeat Features: 1. Drummachine interface with animations for easy and

ErlyMUD  v.0.3.2

ErlyMUD is a small MUD server written using the Erlang/OTP libraries.

Conductory  v.0.2.20110516

Conductory is a Firefox extension, a safe and quiet way to fully access devices in JavaScript. This package adds Conductor API support to Firefox. Conductor API provides FULL device access in JavaScript.

CoHRadar  v.0.3.1


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