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SplitsTree4  v.4.11.3

Phylogenetic networks computation made easy. SplitsTree4 is the leading software for computing unrooted phylogenetic networks from molecular sequence data. Given an alignment of sequences, a distance matrix or a set of trees,

OSLay  v.1.0

Sequence matching made easy. OSLay use synteny between matching sequences in a target assembly and a reference assembly to layout the contigs (or scaffolds) in the target assembly. The tool provides an interactive visualization of the computed layout

MetaSim  v.0.9.5

MetaSim generate synthetic reads collections, help you generate collections of synthetic reads that reflect the diverse taxonomical composition of typical metagenome data sets. Based on a database of given genomes, the software allows the user to

Dendroscope  v.2.7.4

Phylogenetic trees viewer. Dendroscope help you view large phylogenetic trees and networks.

CopyCat (Co-phylogenetic Analysis Tool)  v.1.00.14 Build 20090511

CopyCat (Co-phylogenetic Analysis Tool) access cophylogenetic analyses, CopyCat provides an easy and fast access to cophylogenetic analyses. It incorporates a wrapper for the software ParaFit,

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