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Shogun Sudoku Deluxe  v.

Shogun Sudoku Deluxe is a fantastic game with a history theme, where you need to select a historical character to immerse yourself in a fascinating adventure.

Shape Shifter Deluxe  v.1 1

Shape Shifter Deluxe Description Prepare for the puzzle game that will drive your brain cells crazy! The game principle is easy: match the unusual and beautiful shapes with the spaces, but things start to hot up when you play against the clock.

Shangri La Deluxe  v.

Shangri La is a word game in which you must form words with the available letter tiles. The available tiles are the ones that have at least two adjoining sides unblocked. They are easily identified by their yellow color.

Shangri La 2 Deluxe  v.32.0

Shangri La 2 is the second installment of the word game in which you must form words with the letter stones that are free.

Secrets of Olympus Deluxe  v.

Secrets of Olympus Deluxe Description Have fun matching pieces in a game where you choose what you play next! Discover the secrets of the ancient Greek gods joining this thrilling adventure.

Safari Island  v.1.0.1

Safari Island is a wonderful game in which you can make complete pictures by combining tiles. You can use only those tiles that are completely visible. The pictures can have different shapes and require different numbers of tiles to complete it.

Runic Deluxe  v.

The people of Utharkland have been imprisoned by the Dark Wizards, so they're in for terrible dark times and only your bravery can save them!

Ribiba Deluxe  v.

Ribiba Deluxe Game Description: Ribiba Deluxe will cheer your heart with warm rays of sunlight and colorful flowers. You could use a little sunlight as the days get shorter and colder.

Rainforest Adventure Deluxe  v.1 1

Rainforest Adventure Deluxe Description Follow a path of puzzling fun through a vibrant rainforest in this colorful new challenge.

Puzzle Hero Deluxe  v.

Are you sure you're ready for the amazing journey in the unique match-3 role playing game Puzzle Hero Deluxe? Gather gold and swing by the shop for better clothing and stronger and better weapons.

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