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WinTidy  v.2.0

Save and restore desktop icon layouts. When the icons on your Windows desktop are moved out of place, you have to hunt around to find what you want and you can't work as efficiently.

TradeKeys  v.2.0

Sometimes the keys on your keyboard just aren't in the right place. Many of you who are familiar with the original 84-key IBM PC keyboard layout have it ingrained in your muscle memory that the Ctrl key is right next to the A key.

ContextEdit  v.1 2

ContextEdit gives you control over the context menu commands (i.e., the commands that appear when you right-click on an object in Windows Explorer) available in your system.

ButtonBoogie  v.2 1

When you're moving back and forth between two applications, having their taskbar buttons next to each other is convenient. But unless you opened the applications one right after the other, their buttons will not be adjacent.

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