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Word Search Creator  v.2.0

Having trouble finding enough good word search puzzles. Now you can create your own for free. This easy to use program is good for hours of enjoyment. Why not create a puzzle with co-worker, friends,

US Capitols  v.2.0

Learn the US capitols fast with this fun to use

Typing Test  v.2.0

Learn to type with this easy to use program.

Stick Man  v.2.0

OK We must admit this one is a bit simple, But really, it is very cool as well. Change the stick man's hair, body,

Shuffle It 2  v.2.0

This is our original Shuffle-It game on steroids. Change the grid size and color and use numbers,

Shuffle It  v.2.0

Put the number back in order, if you can.

Shape Puzzle  v.2.0

Drag the geometric shapes and fill in the grid to win. Warning:

Mirror Drawing  v.2.0

Every want to create a perfect mirror image? This easy to use drawing program makes it possible. Be careful though,

Maze Maker  v.2.0

This free program will create a limitless variety of maze puzzles. You can change colors, size, etc.

Matching Blocks  v.2.0

Play against the computer in this addictive memory

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