Software Developed by Xtreeme GmbH

Xtreeme WebsMill Free Edition  v.1.0

Using this web development (CMS) software based on XML/XSL technology you can create websites that are extremely flexible and easy to change through separation of content and graphical appearance of a web site. No XSL knowledge required! Features

Xtreeme SiteXpert Standard Edition  v.7 1

With SiteXpert you can create a professional navigation scheme (such as a DHTML drop down menu or site map tree) within a few minutes. No JavaScript knowledge is required.

Xtreeme SiteXpert Professional Edition

With this software you can create professional navigation schemes (12 types, e.g: sitemap trees, dhtml menus, Google sitemaps, and more). SiteXpert can also generate a search engine (Internet, Intranet or Offline). SiteXpert comes with hundreds of

Xtreeme SiteXpert  v.9 5

quicWith Xtreeme SiteXpert you can create and keep up-to-date a cross-browser site map quickly and easily. It is highly optimized code compatible with every major browser. It has lots of different navigation styles.

Xtreeme Search Engine Studio

Search Engine Studio automatically indexes your web site (using 4 methods e.g. HTTP crawler) and then creates a professional, ultra fast search engine for your website or an offline search for CD-ROM / DVD distributions. No installation on server required

Xtreeme DHTML Menu Studio

With this program you can add a DHTML drop down menu to your web site within a few minutes. The program comes with hundreds of predefined attractive graphical looks and supports easy integration with existing web sites. Included are free plugins for

Search Engine Studio Service Manager  v.1 5

Create a search engine for your web site quickly and easily - Works with any existing hosting solution - Generate full-text search for website, intranet or offline search - Indexes HTML, PHP, ASP, PDF, Office, CHM, ZIP and more...

Purgy  v.1.0.233

Purgy is anti-spam software for Windows. It makes sure that only good messages ever reach your inbox. Purgy works by accepting emails from people you trust, asking unknown senders to verify they are not spammers.Purgy works right away.

FollowUpXpert Professional  v.3 2

This application can automate time-consuming email-related tasks you have to do every day.

FollowUpExpert Personal 4.5 build  v.2319

Autoresponder with no monthly fees.

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