Software Developed by Wolverine Studios

PureSim Baseball 4 Release  v.1 12

PureSim Baseball 4 Release is developed by Wolverine Studios. With PureSim Baseball 4 Release you can create a new Association with computer-generated fantasy players or historical Major League players from any year since 1871.

PureSim Baseball 4 Official Release  v.1 12

It is a very realistic and accurate baseball simulator. It has plenty of features such as: transaction data that extends from 1920-2010. The user can play as a team manager for entire seasons controlling all the aspects of the simulator.

Music Wars Rebirth  v.1 5

Welcome to the music biz with Music Wars Rebirth. You're the boss of your own record label. Sign your talent, oversee their careers and make the decisions to turn your studio into a hit factory.

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball  v.1 3

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball (DDS:CB) is a basketball simulation game. DDS:CB puts you in the role of head coach at one of 337 schools.

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