Software Developed by Valeri Vlassov


- you can open and hold a lot of Internet Sites together; - you can select a texts from any Internet Pages and save it to a realy MS Access Database as your Notes; - every Note has a Date, Theme, Internet-address, Comment and Text fields; -


The Viewer for 3ds files with possibility to walk around objects. You can open a lot of 3ds files together. You can scale and rotate the 3ds-objects. You can walk around and inside the 3ds-objects. Simply use 4 arrow buttons for

VITimer  v.2.0

- drag scroll bar to the right to set delay time in seconds (from 1 sec to one hour) - after count down to zero a beep will be played - use keyboard keys (Left or Right arrows) for adjust delay time (if you need) - use button 'Cl


World stocks ticker with diagrams and lists for NYSE, NASDAQ etc and possibility to open a lot of quotes and lists together. Friendly and simple user interface.

VISeismo  v.2.0

VISeismo is an earthquake monitor for any place in the World.


- saldo-balance (a "chess" table) for a private, family or firm budget; - Operations are stored in a true database (MS Access mdb file); - fields in an Operation record are: Date, From, To, Sum, Comment; - categories of Operations are stored

VIPlz  v.1 1

- Die Datenbank mit allen PLZ, BLZ und KFZ f


- all cities of the world (with a population more then 1000) - additionally detailed geodata (small villages, hotels etc) for one country - possibility to show only special things (for example only hotels) - possibility to find all records

VIPcam  v.1 2

Automatically opens windows for all cameras, installed on the computer; You can adjust any camera's window by simply change it size; You can close, pause or reopen any camera; You can change properties for any camera (a button 'Camera's Properties

VIPaint  v.1 2

Drawings maker for your photos and pictures - you can make a drowings from your photos and pictures - the photo file formats can be: jpg, bmp, gif, tif, png, wmf, emf, cur, ico - you can show all photo files from selected directory as a mosaic

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