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VIP Contacts  v.

This App provides a database which user can store and locate VIP contacts' info such as multiple mobile phone,office and home telephone numbers, email accounts and important credential info. With security in mind,

Touch Messaging  v.

This App helps user to prepare a contact list as a DashBoard to SMS or call quickly by touching. 1) To reply quickly with pre-prepared SMS in situations like busiiness or important meetings. 2) To be able to reply different senders with different

SpeakChinese  v.

This App is simple and easy to use for learning to speak Chinese. It helps user effectively to recognize and to speak the Chinese word ( pronunciation ) with ease. Features: 1) Translate English word or word of your language to Chinese word. 2) You

SMS4YourEyesOnly  v.

This App provides securre and fun SMS-communication. Sender and recipient will use their agreed code in order to open and read SMS-message. With this security,

Pocket Memo  v.

City-life is very hectic, we sometimes easily forget important thing we promise to do like what birthday present to buy, send important memo to someone, what to buy on holiday trip, what documents to bring for meeting or business,

Ninja Journey Tracker  v.

This App helps to track user's current location in situations like where am I when taking a taxi or other transports or finding what route to take to get there. In addition,

Multi-Lingual  v.

Multi-lingual is your private assistant which teaches you languages so that you can write SMS in different languages such as English, Chinese,Japanese,German and other or speak the languages to impress your friends of different races.

LanguageExpert  v.

Learning a new language is a joy. Also, it benefits you in many ways such as financially and socially. LanguageExpert using fundamental methods such as reading,writing and speaking that enables User to learn Chinese langauge( or Japanese,

InvisibleSMS Secretary  v.

In a crowded train or Subway, sometimes people sit beside you are peeping while you are writing some very private SMS. This will interrupt your thoughts and cause you unable to express yourself in words.

Good Coach  v.

Happiness is a rare thing. This App contains over 100 quotes in various categories. When you or your friends who are stressed from work or depressed, you can send them a quote to brighten up their day.

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