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Recovery tool for excel file  v.11.10.05

MS Excel is used to save data in a formatted way, in a form of spreadsheet. At times Excel data may get corrupted or lost, which can lead to loss of data. In these situations one should avail an expert Excel File Recovery Software.

Recover Data for Windows partition  v.

File restoration software for Windows is an apt utility that diligently restores all the corrupted, formatted and deleted data. Highly advanced in its application and efficiently supports FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, VFAT, Windows 7, 8, Vista, and XP.

Quick Recovery for MS Backup  v.

Unistal’s innovative MS Backup Recovery Software which is used to recover lost Backup (.bkf) files. The software has been developed with a view to help users recovering their damaged, virus infected and crashed BKF files.

Quick Recovery for Lotus Notes Server  v.

To access damaged, crashed Domino Lotus Notes Emails, use this effective Quick recovery for Lotus Notes that is specially meant for the Domino environment. The software dedicatedly performs the recovery and restores all emails at a safer location.

Power Point Recovery Software  v.

Unistal’s PowerPoint Repairing tool that can recover a damaged, corrupted, virus infected PPT file in minutes. The software is so powerful that it repairs rather we should say creates the exact copy of the file on your drive.

Fat Partition Reocvery Tool  v.

FAT data recovery application is the prominent software that restores deleted, formatted, and corrupted partition files. Numerous instances lead to data loss but Quick Recovery for FAT is the apt utility that salvages your data instantly.

Data recovery tool for Windows partition  v.

Data loss from Windows partition due to any reason can be regained by availing proficient Windows data recovery software. A data recovery application salvages the lost and corrupted data and restores it in a particular folder.

Data recovery for windows partiton  v.

Quick Recovery for Windows is a skilled application, which salvages corrupted and deleted files. Provides a user-friendly interface to its users and performs recovery at ease. It is a valuable investment in your deleted file recovery process.

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