Software Developed by Three Red Cubes

Sudoku3D  v.

Experience a whole new take on classic Sudoku! Sudoku3D is a puzzle on the surface of a cube where all faces contribute to one unique solution. Sixteen unique values! Six faces! One solution! Are you ready for a challenge in the third dimension?

Squeez  v.

Squeez is a classic game of geometric strategy. Place more of your pieces on the grid than your opponent to win. Use spatial thinking to out-move your opponent and squeeze them off the grid! - Challenge your friends, or go up against the Computer

Motiv8  v.

Create motivational posters with pictures you snap on the fly! - captures high resolution images - edit text before or after taking photo - saves edited photos to your Pictures motiv8 your

ARWalker  v.

ARWalker is a GPS tracking application enhanced with augmented reality. Add a location to track and follow the on-screen

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