Software Developed by SB-Software

Scotts Binary Clock  v.1 7

Scott's Binary Clock is a clock that displays the current time in binary using a LED display. It's a little gadget or conversation piece for your desktop. It really doesn't serve much of a practical purpose,

Scott's Windows Startup Program  v.1 1

Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager, as its name indicates, is a free program that gives us the opportunity to view and fully manage all the items that we have installed in our Windows Startup.

Scott's Wallpaper Switcher  v.1 7

Wallpaper Switcher 1.7 is a simple system tray utility for changing wallpapers on your desktop. It doesn't need a lot of system resources for its performance. This application has a very simple and easy-to-use interface.

Scott's Space Invaders

They arrived one day. They attacked the outpost. Funny little green guys shooting purple energy zigzags. All would have been lost were it not for the lone defender in his little ship. He fought them. Wave after wave. Scott's Space Invaders is like the

Scott's Model Railroad Screensaver  v.1 4

It's an animated model railroad screensaver. Its actually wrote the first version of this thing back in 1997. It's been updated with a new compiler and designed to work with the latest directx libraries.

Scott's Lansonic Remote  v.1.0

The Lansonic DAS was a stereo component sold sometime around 2000-2003. The Lansonic was one of the first digital audio server available for home use. You could buy it either with or without an internal hard drive.

Scott's JPEG Commenter

Scott's JPEG commenter is a user-friendly application designed to help you edit comments in jpeg (or .jpg) files. The program provides a user-friendly explorer-like interface with a thumbnail preview viewer. Scott's JPEG commenter is free for

Scott's Gif Fixer  v.1.0

This program is used to fix the gif screen descriptor in Gif 87a and (some) Gif 89a images. I wrote this program because I had several gif images that did not resize properly when displayed on web sites.

Scott's Binary Clock  v.2.0

Scott's Binary Clock is a shareware binary clock for our Windows desktop. This small utility makes it possible for us to add a touch of distinction to our desktop.

SBWcc  v.2 6

SBWcc (also known as SBWebCamCorder) is a shareware application for Windows. This program has been designed to help us download any content from websites to our computer in the easiest and fastest way.

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