Software Developed by RT Applications

Zombie Wars  v.

Are you sick of your job? Are you itching for a zombie attack so you can pick up a new trade such as a zombie killing supply salesmen? YOUR WAIT IS OVER! Zombie Wars is here. A re-imagining of the early 90’s text based game “Dope Wars”,

The Mind's Eye  v.

Ever wonder if you have psychic abilities? Think that you can predict things before they happen? Well here is your chance to prove all the nay sayers wrong! The Mind’s Eye is a to the point psychic testing application. Simply put, it gives you

Safe Travel  v.

Traveling to an unknown area? Ever wondered if it were safe to stop to get gas or food? Wonder no more! Safe Travel will guide you on a safe trip. Safe Travel can collect publicly reported crime statistic data on almost every single city in the

Pedometer  v.

This free pedometer is simple yet everything you need. It has an extremely accurate step count.

HTML5  v.

HTML 5 Reference is here! All of your HTML5 Tags, events and attributes are neatly organized in a fashion that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. This is every web developer’s best friend new and experienced!

How2_time  v.

This app is a quick reference for any young military member confused about how to read military time.

How2_Ranks  v.

A quick reference guide for anyone that needs to know the proper U.S.

Crazy Kicker  v.

Ever see those soccer players keep a ball in the air just by kicking it and hitting it with their head? Ever wish you were athletic enough to do it yourself? WISH NO MORE! Thanks to RT Apps you can now do the same thing but on your phone and

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